Nightmare Alley (2021)- Maggy's movive reviews

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Nightmare Alley (2021)- Maggy's movive reviews

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So, are you aware that a "geek" is a carnival sideshow freak that will bite the heads off of chickens? Well, if you were not aware of that fact, the first 10 minutes of this movie will show you that in gruesome detail.

How can I sum up this latest mindfuck by del Toro?


Set in the late 1930's and early 1940's, we open with a man on the run that has just buried a body under some floor boards. He winds up working as a roustabout and spends his time learning from the aging alcoholic mentalist. He learns the whats and hows. The to dos and never dos. After some time, he believes he has mastered the trade, and runs off to glitz and glamour with the cutest girl at the fair.

His new show is now in a ballroom of a rather ritzy hotel. Into his life walks a true femme fatale of a psychologist that was hired to see if she could "find the real deal" for some rich clients that had recently lost a son. She continues to vet him, and eventually turns him loose on her clientele. She is obviously never fooled by him, but is also rather uncaring towards these upper class stuffed shirts.

The mentalist finds himself diving deeper and deeper into territories he was warned never to delve.

This psychological thriller pulls no punches and shows many levels of depravity.

Is it an easy watch? Not really. Does it demand a theater viewing? Only if you would find it hard to focus otherwise.

It is a great movie, but it definitely does not just fly by. You feel a lot of the two and a half hour run time. I do recommend, but I also recommend it in a setting in which you are most comfortable. It is a bit of a think piece.

If you want more details, or have seen this film, feel free to comment.

I do not have another film on the agenda right now, but I will probably be catching something in the next two weeks (though I may dip back in for a third viewing of GB:Afterlife or second of Spider-man: No Way Home instead). I assure you that I will be seeing the newest Jackass and Morbius when they come out, so if I have nothing new until then, happy viewing!
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