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Disney's Jungle Cruise (2021) - Maggy's Movie Reviews

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So, what is there to saw about yet another movie made about a theme park ride. The Rock and Office Jim's real life wife get on a boat with her brother. The big plot point of this film is similar to Pirates of the Caribbean as there is a curse involved. It tries to be funny like Haunted Mansion (and may have surpassed it in that arena). And it tries to put in some progressive plot point. This is where it may have failed.

For instance:

It turns out that a certain character is no just gay coded, he is openly gay... but they dance around the issue with phrasing choices that do not bluntly put all the cards on the table.

There is a strong capable woman that is just as skilled as the men on the trip (if not more so in some ways)... but they act like it is her job to prove herself. In addition, the running joke is that it is scandalous that she is wearing trousers in the jungle (as it is set somewhere around 1900). This may come as a shock to some of you, but even in Victorian England, women that worked in dangerous or hot environments both wore trousers, and would even walk around topless.

So, we have basic progressive point grabs in 2021 that lag behind what Disney had already put on tv in the 90's. This was about as effective as their big announcement regarding gay characters in Beauty and the Beast. It is a wishy washy attempt to earn points without actually addressing issues. The gay character never has a romantic interest in the film. He simply refers to his interests. The scandalous woman was only acting scandalous for a fictional version of the setting.

If you view it as fantasy, it is a fun enough popcorn flick, but not really something to rush to the cinema for... and unless you have kids with nothing else to watch, not worth the $30 rental fee on plus.

Agree? Disagree? Feel fond to post your own thoughts below.

Tomorrow's review will be for Shang-Chi.
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