About Daniel's injury during the headmasters saga.......

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About Daniel's injury during the headmasters saga.......

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After Daniel's injury during the beginning of the Headmasters thing, I gather it was fatal.......did he have to constantly live Arcee's head for the rest of his natural life to survive..... like a cool iron lung? Or.... was Daniel able to heal and live without Arcee's head at some point? I know its a stupid question, but I was just wondering.
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Assuming you're refering to cartoon continuity, then... well... ermm...

A) The US version of Transformers ended without mention of Daniel's future.

B) The Japanese cartoon ignored the final Headmasters/Rebirth episodes, and therefore Daniel did not become a Headmaster.
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Ignore the whole Arcee thing altogether. Read the comics, they are the gospel!!
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Commander Megatron wrote: Read the comics, they are the gospel!!
damn right. the comixc headmasters are far superior.

I would think though if its just the rrebirth stuff that arcee would did along with daniel as they are linked.
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