Robot Modes?

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Robot Modes?

Post by Solar »

Hi i have a girlfriend (a friend that happens to be a girl) that wants to join in on the rp.
So i'm doing some reseache for her.

Well the thing is, that she wants to play a multi robot moded transformer.

So is it still called a triple changer if the extra mode is a robot mode?

Abd is it posseble to have the abillity to copy other transformers robot mode designs to use as a disguise?
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Post by Octane »

I'm not sure...the only transformer I've ever heard of having more than 1 robot mode was Punch/Counter Punch.
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Post by Rattrap »

I don't think the concept has a specific name, but they're not triple changers. There have been a couple robots with multiple robot modes, Punch/Counterpunch and Animated Shockwave both come to mind. They're usually spies. As for the taking on other people's robot mode, I know there have been some sort of device for that (the name totally escapes me), but they are very temporary and usually require holding the duplicated bot prisoner.
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Post by Catalyst Prime »

I just though of this: Elita-1/Blacharachnia in animated has the ability to copy/download others powers temporarly, so it's not too far off to be able to take on anothers robot mode... maybe for a short period of time.
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Post by johnnetee »

Another character who techincally has two robot modes is Powermaster Double Dealer. As his name precludes, he is also a spy of sorts. His decepticon mode is a condor while his autobot mode is a bipedal robot. His alt-mode like Punch/counterpunch is the same (Rocket transport).
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Post by Silverbolt »

simply be a spy with two modes....
pretenders have a human mode...
and didn't that story go that they cold take on whatever shape they wanted?

just make sure her alt mode is a sleek sexy low flyin she jet. :wink:
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