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I was looking through the archive on here and I came across the Monstructor combiners.
I thought I knew every TF there was to know, but I don't ever remember these from the cartoon, or as a toy! I seem to remember one or two of them (not sure what their group name is either) being in the Marvel Comic 80 issue series. Anyone know anything else about 'em? It's bugging me! :D :D
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Hi wlzbot
if you havent heard by now monstructor was comprised of the 6 pretender monsters. wildfly,scowl,icepick,bristleback,slog and birdbrain. They appeared only a handful of comics at the end of the american issues. they never appeared in any of the u.s cartoons not sure about the japanese ones tho. Monstructor is deadly some of the decepticons fear he will turn on them when the war is over and the autobots are dead. is that any help?

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Post by Cyclonus98 »

Unfortunately, the Monster Pretenders only managed to put in one appearance throughout the run of the US comic--specifically, issue #67. I was especially disappointed that they didn't combine to form Monstructor. :( I know they did appear in recent TF comics, but I haven't read them so I can't really comment here.

As toys, they were a bit weak--probably the weakest of the G1 combiners. I still have to admit to having a soft spot for them. :)
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Post by Deszaras »

it an old thread but what the heck.

Monstructor seems to sufer frm gold plastic syndrome. [where his individual figures break apart.]

i prefer the japanese recolor dinoking. {but as of yet I only have two of them.}


Gairyu [bristleback in america]

Rairyu [Birdbrain in america]
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Post by Cliffjumper »

Those are sweet Dez I havent seen those before. very cool :D

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Post by slapdash »

Yea Monstrucor = Dinoking
They are kinda loveable toys..kinda cute too
Pricing wise, they sure burnt a hole in our pockets
But from the collector pt of view, they are really worth collecting as vintages, really hard to come by these items..
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