Transformers collection

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Transformers collection

Post by EkoReale »

Hi guys.

Ive been a huge transformer fan since i was 4 years old. I have missed out on most of the cartoon series so ive decided to watch it all over again from the very beginning. So, i am looking for a timeline of the cartoons series starting from 84? And maybe a place to download all of the series. I am also looking to start a toy collection so it would be swell if somebody would be able to help me with a starting advise (where to look, what to buy and soo on).

A huge thank you in advance to all!!!

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Post by Dinobot »

Im not sure I have all the info you need, but someone on here will. The 84 series had season one, two, transformers the movie, series three, and a short series four. I know there was generation two the cartoon, but I think it was short lived. The next cartoon for transformers I believe was Beast Wars(My absolute favorite cartoon) but I could be wrong on the order there. Beast Machines came out after Beast Wars which was really weird. After that I kinda lost touch with the cartoons till Transformers Prime came out a little while back. Ebay and sometimes amazon have the series on dvd that you can purchase for a decent price most of the time.

As far as collecting goes, you really should look into the series and figure out your favorite character. Mine was originally Kup. I had him when I was five, so when I grew up and got my own job, he was the first to be bought. I have every single G1 release with some japanese G1 stuff now. It really depends on how big and how fast you want to collect. Sticking with the smaller figures, mainly the g1 cars, will help build up a collection quickly. I would start there and maybe move on to bigger ones like shockwave, Optimus Prime later on down the road. All you have to do is look here in the transformerland store to start a collection. Ebay is an option, but most of the time its overpriced. If you have any antique stores in your town, those have been known from time to time to have stuff. Good luck on your quest and I hope this helped a little!
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Post by EkoReale »

Thank you Dinobot, it does help. Ive found this in my mailbox, Maybe admins can make it as a sticky, with an update. Thanx to Quinn T'Sohn.

United States 1984 - 1987:
Transformers Season 1
Transformers Season 2
Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Transformers Season 3
Transformers Season 4

Japan 1987 - 1990:
Transformers: Headmasters
Transformers: Masterforce
Transformers: Victory
Transformers: Zone

US 1996 - 1999
Beast Wars Season 1
Beast Wars Season 2
Beast Wars Season 3

Japan 1997 - 1999
Beast Wars
Beast Wars II
Beast Wars Metals
Beast Wars Neo
(Note: "Beast Wars" in Japan is same as US Beast Wars Season 1. "Beast Wars Metals" is the same as US Beast Wars Season 2 & 3)

US - Japan 2000 - 2006 (Japanese name in parentheses)
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Transformers Car Robots)
Transformers: Armada (Transformers Micron Legend)
Transformer: Energon (Transformers Superlink)
Transformers: Cybertron (Transformers Galaxy Force)

US 2007 - 2008
Transformers (Movie)
Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out
Transformers Animated Season 1
Transformers Animated Season 2

Soon to be released in 2009
Transformers Animated Season 3 (March 2009)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Movie, June 2009)
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Post by Roadbuster »

It looks like you've gotten a good grasp on the Transformers Cartoon timeline (up to 2009 anyways), be sure and check out Transformers: Prime. Probably one of the better Transformers shows out there, along with Beast Wars and G1 of course.

As far as the toys go, it all boils down to what your favorite series is? Mine is Generation One. I went after all the G1 toys that appeared in the show and then along came this great thing called the "Classics/Universe/Generations" line with all of my favorite characters done in modern sculpts with excellent articulation. Follow that with the 3rd party boom/era and I'm starting to fill in the gaps of my "modern G1" collection.

Once you figure out what your favorite series is, next will be deciding on a budget you're comfortable with. I also noticed you're located in Spain. You'll probably have to import the majority of your collection, and that could be rather pricey with shipping rates/customs fees.
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Post by Galvatron »

Each cartoon series had a large toyline to go along with it.

after 2009 ROTF movie is DOTM movie line and the animated series TF Prime.

Then we got the Classics/Generations toy line. The retooled G1 figures as Roadbuster mentioned

3rd party toys (non Hasbro) have really moved up the ladder. Since not affiliated with Hasbro, they can't use the Transformers names.
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