TF abbreviations

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TF abbreviations

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Sometimes TransFans don't feel like writing out "Transformers", so they'll just write "TFs". Or "G2" instead of "Generation 2", "BW" instead of "Beast Wars", "RiD" instead of "Robots in Disguise". (i use "CRiD" because i've read that the Japanese name for the show was "Car Robots", so i kind of combined "CR" with "RiD" because i think of all Transformers as Robots in Disguise, ever since G1).

Is there an abbreviation for the live-action movie continuity? "ROTF" works for "Revenge of the Fallen" (who, having fallen, winds up rolling on the floor :roll: ), but it doesn't really work for describing the whole continuity--can't exactly refer to ROTF Jazz, for example. (In the notes that i write to myself when making up characters or fanfics or whatever, i use the abbreviation Bay2007, or sometimes S7 [a reference to the movie featuring Sector 7 and being released in the year '07, rendered as a single letter followed by a single digit, as with G1 and G2]--but i'd rather get into the habit of using an abbreviation commonly known to the fandom--if there is any such abbreviation.)

Same question for Armada (AR or ARM), Energon (EN), Cybertron (CY), the Unicron Trilogy (UT), Binaltech (BT), Alternators (Alt), Alternity (Alt--oh, wait...), Universe, Animated, War for Cybertron... Am i missing any?
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G1, EG1 (Euro post-G1 crossover period) G2, BW, TM/TM2 (transmetals &2), BM, MW, RiD, TRUCom, HoC, AR, EN, CYB, UT, Uni, BT/Alt, SWTF, Xovers, Ti, TF07, Ani, Uni2. Animorphs and Classics don't get one.
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