Custom Marlboro Wheeljack

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Custom Marlboro Wheeljack

Post by SentinelPrime »

Need you guys advice. Based on the attached pics of the real Marlboor Wheeljack figure...what exact shade of red would you say he is? I want to get the right shade of red paint. I found a guy who made me the blue transparent windshield, wings and a exact head mold. Even lucky to find a another person to reproduce the sticker sheet.
Any help is appreciated! I hop e to begin work on my MWJ in about two weeks after my college classes are thru.



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Post by Banzai-Tron »

You're going to have two problems soliciting this info:

1) Everybody's monitor displays colors in slightly different shades.

2) Everybody's camera records colors in slightly different shades, based on a rather large number of variables (lighting, camera model, etc).

This is, after all, why the "pantone" system was created. Your best bet is to really just wing it, assuming you can't find a real Marlboor to hold and base your color selection off of.
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Post by Jakalair »

If you could borrow one you could take it to Lowe's/The Home Depot and have them color match it...not sure if that would help at all though.
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Post by Jose »

Probably you won't find a real Malboor Wheeljack to match, but a Marlboro Stratos kit could be easier to find and will give you a very close approach to the color you are looking for.

Anyway, I look forward to see pictures of this one finished!
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Post by Shakira »

Hello, I noticed this thread when I was pooping around the net. Don't take this wrong I just wanted to help you with the quest to build a Marjack. The car in the pics is not real I made it about a year ago. There are a number of things that are giving it away. I learned a great deal after doing a few of these and getting my mitts on a real one. Let me answer some of your questions. The car in the pic is painted Tamiya Italian red, this color is too rich a normal red should be closer. I do have a real Marjack if you want to see pics of it and pics of the build up on the custom look at the link below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask you can reach me on the TFW forums under the screenname Shakira :O) chao
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