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Post your TRANSFORMERS want lists here!

Post by Minerva »

Welcome to the Transformerland want lists thread! This is the thread solely dedicated to fulfilling your Transformers wants and needs.
These are the guidelines:

-This list is for Hasbro / TakaraTomy Transformers products only. A separate thread will be posted for non-TF toy wants.

-WANT LISTS ONLY. Please do not post offers or discussion in this thread. Work out your deals in Private Message, as well as any questions you may have. This prevents the thread from stretching on for pages and pages, making it hard for interested sellers to know what you want!

-EDIT YOUR POST when items are removed/added to your list. This prevents the thread from stretching on for pages and pages, making it hard for interested sellers to know what you want!
To make sure other members can see that you've updated your want list, make a post in the Want list update notification thread.

-DATE your post at the top whenever you edit. This lets other members know that your wants are up-to-date, and they're not looking at items that you have already obtained.

-STATE YOUR LOCATION so the buyer/seller knows how much postage will cost. No sense going through the motions of it all if there is no end product because shipping is expensive.

QUARTERLY UPDATES: To keep this thread fresh, we will be cleaning house every calendar quarter (3 months). Any posts which have not been updated for three months will be removed. DON'T WORRY; we'll let you know plenty ahead of time. If there have been no changes to your inventory, just date your post as being current, then we'll know you're still checking! is not responsible for trades, sales or purchases you choose to make. If you have a bad trade experience, it is up to you to work it out with your trading partner. You may PRIVATELY ask other members for help, but the main forum is NOT a dirty laundry line for complaining about other members. Handle your deals as safely and maturely as you can.

Lastly; HERE you’ll find the old want lists-thread.

If you have any other problems or questions, please contact any Administrator or Moderator.

Good luck, we hope that you’ll find the items you’re looking for!
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Post by Galvatron »

Will buy or trade

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Post by Roadbuster »


UPDATED 08-11-12



Crosshairs (complete)
Misfire (complete)

Doubledealer (complete)
Overlord (complete)
Powermaster Optimus Prime (complete)
Darkwing (complete)
Dreadwind (complete)

Topspin (complete)

G1 Thrust Long Missiles
G1 Snarl Sword
G1 Springer Rifle
G1 Octane Tanker Shell
G1 Trypticon (Full Tilt) Gun (Electro Disrupter)

Classics/Movies/3rd Party:
ROTF Bruticus Maximus (or any of it's loose components)
City Commander Armor w/TFX-03
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Post by Minerva »

Updated June 19, 2011

Want list:

G1 (preferably with accessories):
Sky Lynx

G1 accessories:

Bomb-Burst - 1R + 1L shoulder wing.
Carnivac - 1L shoulder armor, 1 tail, 1 handgun.
Darkwing: Powermaster Throttle.
Dirge - 1 landing gear, 2 concussion missiles.
Doublecross - Rust-Ray Rifle
Dreadwind: Powermaster Hi-test.
Greasepit (Micromasters) - Large sign, ramp.
Groove - Photon pistol
Groundshaker: Micromaster jet, gun.
Hot House (Micromasters) - ramp.
Jetfire - all
Metroplex: 2 missiles, 1 small laser pistol (Scamper gun).
Optimus Prime - 1 hose, 1 regular nozzle.
Quake - tank turret
Ramjet - 1R tailfin.
Reflector Spyglass + Spectro arms
Roadblock - Visor for figure
Shockwave (actionmasters): Fistfight, turbo rifle.
Sideswipe - 2 rockets, 1 rocket launcher.
Sinnertwin - Rocket grenade launcher
Skyhammer - Hatch for Jet/outer shell, 2 missiles, clear visor for figure.
Skywarp - 1L + 1R rudder, 1 landing gear, 2 missiles, 2 machine guns.
Slag - 2 missiles, 1 launcher, 1 sword, 1 gun.
Sludge - 3 missiles.
Snarl - 3 missiles, 1 sword, 1 gun.
Starscream: 2 guns, 4 missiles, 1 landing gear.
Swoop - 3 missiles.
Thundercracker - 1L rudder (large tab), 1 gun.
Thunderwing - small laser
Weirdwolf - Headmaster Monzo, 1 photon pistol, 1 tail.

Overlord - 1 missile

G2 accessories:
Clench (Obliterators) - 6 missiles
Optimus Prime (hero) - 1 missile.

Beast Wars accessories:

Inferno - Mandibles
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Post by threshold »

UPDATED 7-27-11

G1's Figures

I am looking for the following G1 figures and parts. If you can help, lmk.

Sky Lynx: Working with good stickers

Scavenger: gun
Hound: gas can, spare tire, missile
Ironhide: red peg
Nautilator: gun
Tentakil: Rt Dual Slime Laser

If you have any of these lmk
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Post by Countdown »

My official want list as of 9.23.12 :)



Universe Roadbuster (complete if possible without Dirge)

Tanker Transport Accessories- cannon mounts (2)
Vibro Spear for Chop Shop
Ionic Displacer Rifle for Astrotrain
Tail/Sword for Weirdwolf[/u]
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Post by LD2062 »

Current: 2-16-11
Location: 48021 Michigan, USA

wreck-gar gun
cutthroat in nice shape complete, or just gun
nice g1 inferno body
long haul green gun
jetfire gun clip

Grimlock the semitransparent piece in the middle of the dino mode back.
prowl passenger door. I need it to be White with good sticker, but its for a reissue one so it doesn't need to be vintage.
doublecross beast mode foot

armada megatron and galvatron head claw/antenna

energon optimus missile
energon shockblast gun arm

beast wars
mcdonalds spider
transmetal optimus primal missiles/maces
optimal optimus gun, robot head
cicadacon wing or whole figure, sword
optimus primal missiles.

cybertron crumplezone key, launchers, missiles
cybertron megatron small fin off launcher, wheel gun
cybertron supreme starscream clear key s5a3

Alternators shockblast left arm

protoform optimus prime leg and missile
battle damaged acree missile
barricade - feet, for multiple versions
jazz spoiler
voyager starscream - missiles
voyager evac 1 helicopter blade
premium optimus prime- shoulder cover panel s
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Post by audionmotionink »

current as of 02/14/2011

i'd like a junker jetfire. need the shoulder hinges to complete my jetfire.
and the guns and missiles for g2 prime.

bruticus - l. foot, r. foot, l. fist, r. fist, head, ramp
trypticon - l. load ramp, small blaster stand, double disc scanner, small tower, laser cannon
rodimus prime - blast shield
hot rod - long photon laser
ultra magnus - r. small fist
superion - e.d. rifle, blast deflector, blast shield, l. foot, r. foot
skydive - nega gun

i will add more as i become aware of needs, but as of right now this is it...
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i'm always looking for optimus prime, nemesis prime, ultra magnus, bumblebee, megatron, starscream (allversions EXCEPT BW,BM,TM)
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Post by Red Hope »

Updated: Jan. 10, 2011

I'm on the hunt for some parts below. If somebody has these parts loose that would be huge. Or if you have a junk figure but that particular part is in good shape then let me know.

I'm located in MD at 21930.


G1 Parts
1. Needlenose (Targetmaster) - Tailfin
2. Catilla (Pretender) - Shell's Silver Tail **ON HOLD**
3. Powermaster Optimus Prime -Trailer's Blue Hitch (Connects trailer to truck)
4. Countdown (Micromaster) Rocket's White Door

G2 Parts
1. Slag (Dinobot) - Clear Cap on Right/Left Hind Legs
2. Hook (Constructicon) - Unbroken Hook On the lift's end
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My Want List

Post by Galaximus Prime »

Voyager Class Megatron--Head. (Just picked up a very nice looking Classics Megatron this morning at a Thrift Store for 25 cents, but he lacks a head.)

Thats all I can think of. Let me know if anyone can help me out!
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Post by Roar »

Updated 6/25/12

Moderator, if you deign to do so for reasons of the space time continuum of this thread, you may delete my post here, as I found what I needed through the ever rescourceful Trance and the vaunted shelves of TFL. :D

Thank you!

And to Sto Vo Kor for responding.
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Post by Verno »

6th August 2011

Location: Tasmania, Australia.

It's all Beast Wars Parts for me please.

Original Basic Rattrap: 1 x Gun Handle Piece

Original Deluxe Bonecrusher: 1 x Missile

Original Deluxe Manterror: 1 x Disk

TM2 Mega Blackarachnia: 1 x Spider Leg

TM2 Mega Cybershark: 1 x Right Fin

TM2 Mega Cybershark: 1 x Green Missile

TM2 Tigerhawk: 2 x Long Green Missile

TM2 Megatron: 1 x Missile


Any Transmutate pieces I can get my hands on!
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Post by Bumblebee »

This is the list im working on for things right now. 11/17/2012

Autobot cars

Almost everything again
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Post by GPrime2011 »

Ok, lets see if i'm doing this right.

Just after the last handful of autobot cars to complete that part of my colleciotn.

All complete with accessories, and in good condition :)

G1- Original not reissue.
JAZZ (With Martini logos if poss, but it dont matter)

If I can get these at a cheapish price in one bundle then that would be awesome, PM me if anyone can help.
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G1 Overlord left leg cover

Post by roseborn »

I recently bought a g1 Overlord figure. And when I got it I noticed that the left leg cover part is missing its inside part that needs to be there to connect it to the leg. Therefor, does anybody have this part and is willing to sell it to me? :?
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Post by The Last Autobot »

As of 5-31-2011

Complete Optimus Prime in good condition
Roadbuster (with at least the guns)

Laser Optimus Prime

Basic Vehicon Scavenger

Super Class Optimus Prime
Fortress Maximus

No Armada as of yet

No Energon as of yet

Galaxy Force Vector Prime

Robot Master

Optimus Prime

Robot Heroes Dispensor

Voyager Seaspray

Voyager Skyhammer

Voyager Blackout
Deluxe Rodimus
Deluxe Blurr
Deluxe Samurai Prowl
Leader Roadbuster Ultra Magnus

Ultra Class Hardhead or any other variation of that mold.
Acid Storm

Deluxe Bumblebee

Henkei! Henkei!
Deluxe Starscream

Voyager Lugnut

Bug Bite

Optimus Prime (6" Cybertron Heroes)

Deluxe Special Ops Jazz
Deluxe Warpath

Optimus Prime
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Post by comicbookjon »

Hi all,
I'm looking for a complete g1 megatron and g1 shockwave...can ne1 help?
Yo joe?
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Looking for the impossible

Post by herooftheday »

Sam's Club RID Prime Missile


Please let me know if you have one of the Yellow missiles for sale.


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Wants and Haves

Post by JoePerry »

Accessories I have:

Jazz Gun
Trailbreaker Twin Missile, Rocket
Hook Hook, Gun
Starscream Launcher
Scourge Gun
Devastator Head, Left Hand and Launcher
Optimus Prime Right Fist
Perceptor Launcher
Sideswipe Rocket
Red Alert Gun
Tracks Launcher
Wheeljack Right Spoiler
Metroplex Antenna
Ramjet Left First, Right Wing, Bomb

Accessories I need:

Tanker (Micromasters) 2 Ramps 1 Mount
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Post by Blaster »

I only have a few things that I really want enough to post Mainly Parts to finish out a few guys

Ravage Weapons
Blaster Rifle
Megatron Long part of barrel
Rodimus All Parts
Wreckgar All Parts

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