The Wreckers

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The Wreckers

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Can someone make some recommendations for reading material for 'The Wreckers' ?

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Post by Jazz »

The Last Stand of The Wreckers. 5 parts in total I think.
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Read Target 2006 TPB. It has all the Wreckers in it and is an excellent back story to them. Also read the City of Fear and Time Wars TPB. Time Wars is awesome Galvatron and Megatron vs the Wreckers and the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad. There is a comic review thread about somewhere that I did and it gives you more details in it.
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I agree with helmet head. :lol:

Target 2006 and Time wars are epic :) [/list][/code]
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Finally picked up "The Last Stand of the Wreckers" on trade paperback for only $10 the other day! 8) Can't wait for it to get here!

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