Fake Superion in Salem Oregon!

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Fake Superion in Salem Oregon!

Post by Galvatron »

A friend of mine told me about this store in my town of Salem Oregon.
It's called "Big Lots" This store has all types things including toys.
Obviously I searched the toy isles and came across a gift set of the Aerialbots for only $4.99 The only difference was the stickers. They are kind of like the ones I have seen on E-Bay just different name and box. I also found a gift set of the Constructicons for $4.99. The difference is the stickers and they are all yellow.
Then I found four of the Protectobots in 2-packs Blades, Groove, Streetwise and First Aid and also four of the Combaticons in 2-packs Brawl, Vortex, Swindle and Blast Off. The Protectobots look close to the originals but the Combaticons look alot like the RID version. I bought the Aerialbots and the four Protectobots and made my own Autobot stickers for them. It will cure my itch for them until I buy the originals.
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fakes? No thanks.

Post by Jose »

I have the Constructicons KO set and the quality is very poor. I bought it because when I saw it, it had passed a long time not seeing a Devastator, and it was there very cheap (fakes are cheaper here than in the States), so I bought it. I use it now to scrap it for parts. I see no other use for those rather than being a test range for kitbashing.
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