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Transformerland.com Shipping Costs

"How much do you charge for shipping?"

Shipping rates depend on your location, package weight, and dimensions. Your postage cost quote is calculated directly by USPS based on your order dimensions provided by our website. Below are estimates of weights and dimensions of different toy size classes.

The total ship weight is simply ITEM WEIGHT + PACKAGING WEIGHT. For orders containing multiple items, add all ITEM WEIGHTS + the maximum PACKAGING WEIGHT, and use the largest DIMENSIONS as the package Length x Height x Width.

Use one of the links below to determine your shipping rate.
U.S. Customers - enter 32653 as the FROM zip code.
International Customers - don't forget to select your country. Anything can be entered into the value field.

ITEM TYPE WEIGHT (item) WEIGHT (package) DIMENSIONS (inches)
Paperwork, Sturdy Accessories 1 oz 1 oz 12x12x12
1-5 inch tall figures, (Scout and Deluxe Class), (loose) 1-6 oz 4 oz 12x12x12
6-8 inch tall figures, Voyager Class (loose)
1-6 inch tall figures, Deluxe Class (sealed on card)
6-12 oz 6-8 oz 12x12x12
Medium vehicles for 3-5 inch figures, Leader Class Figures (loose)
6-8 inch tall figures, Voyager Class (sealed in box)
1-3 lbs 10-12 oz 12x12x12
Large vehicles for 3-5 inch figures, Supreme Class Figures (loose)
Leader Class Figures (sealed in box)
3-5 lbs 1 lb 12x12x12
Supreme Class Figures (sealed) 4-6 lbs 1-2 lbs 16x16x15
Titan Class Figures (Fortress Maximus, etc.), large play sets 7-12 lbs 3-4 lbs 24x18x12