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Transformers Energon Toys Checklist and Image Archive

Transformers Energon Toys Checklist

Energon Toy Line Overview

Official Transformers Energon logo.

Monday, June 09, 2003: Hasbro lets it be known to all that the new post Armada Transformers era will be known as Transformers Energon. The name "Energon" indubitably derives from the 'Energon Cubes' of Generation 1 fame, yet the continuity with the G1 story line is, to quote a phrase from Unicron in Transformers the Movie, "highly dubious". Though, it is rumored that Transformers Energon will be a sequel to Transformers Armada. Here is a storyline snipit from Hasbro:

The quest for Energon - a rare and potent substance that the Autobot and Decepticon warriors have battled over for eons continues on Earth! The DECEPTICON forces have struck a deal with UNICRON: in exchange for new powers and forms, they will supply enough Energon to fully reactivate him. Now legions of hyper-powered DECEPTICONS speed toward Earth, intent on controlling its Energon resources at any cost! Only an elite team of AUTOBOTS, empowered with the SPARK OF COMBINATION, can save the planet from total destruction.

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