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Real-Time Online Price Guide Values for Transformers Toys

Our extensive toy price guide for Transformers (now including GoBots, He-Man/MOTU, M.A.S.K., and TMNT, with more to come) shows you up-to-date value history, based on real sales data since 2003. You can see price trends for individual figures, or see how value changes with condition. As part of our Toy Guides & Wiki, it’s easy to use! Check out the short video below to find out how.

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The average sales price for the 25 most popular G1 Transformers action figures are presented below for varying conditions - Sealed (never removed from package), Opened (toy removed from package, otherwise complete), and Loose (no package, but figure complete with all accessories). Click inside the FIGURE column to see full price details on each figure. For your convenience, we have prepared a single-page all-in-one full price guide for all G1 Transformers (North American general release). To see pricing on any other action figure, refer to the video instructions below.

Figure (G1 Transformers)Sales PriceImage
(1) Optimus PrimeSealed: $1800
Opened: $222
Loose: $117
(2) MegatronSealed: No Data
Opened: $225
Loose: $124
(3) SoundwaveSealed: $2300
Opened: $249
Loose: $54
(4) StarscreamSealed: $750
Opened: $194
Loose: $78
(5) BumblebeeSealed: $163
Opened: $56
Loose: $29
(6) JetfireSealed: No Data
Opened: $245
Loose: $134
(7) ReflectorSealed: $2000
Opened: $256
Loose: $167
(8) GrimlockSealed: No Data
Opened: $175
Loose: $77
(9) SwoopSealed: $945
Opened: $205
Loose: $112
(10) DevastatorSealed: No Data
Opened: $214
Loose: $131
(11) SideswipeSealed: No Data
Opened: $186
Loose: $60
(12) SunstreakerSealed: $675
Opened: $207
Loose: $84
(13) HoundSealed: No Data
Opened: $170
Loose: $78
(14) LaserbeakSealed: No Data
Opened: $89
Loose: $28
(15) Omega SupremeSealed: No Data
Opened: $209
Loose: $119
(16) Fortress MaximusSealed: No Data
Opened: $1004
Loose: $744
(17) MetroplexSealed: No Data
Opened: $154
Loose: $87
(18) TrypticonSealed: No Data
Opened: $344
Loose: $234
(19) Ultra MagnusSealed: No Data
Opened: $126
Loose: $62
(20) Rodimus PrimeSealed: No Data
Opened: $140
Loose: $52
(21) GalvatronSealed: No Data
Opened: $142
Loose: $54
(22) CliffjumperSealed: $400
Opened: $30
Loose: $24
(23) PerceptorSealed: No Data
Opened: $112
Loose: $37
(24) BlitzwingSealed: $269
Opened: $96
Loose: $40
(25) BombshellSealed: $169
Opened: $73
Loose: $16

Note: All prices reflect sales by Transformerland.com.
G1 figure prices are divided by condition type (sealed, open package, complete (no package), and figure only).
Post-G1 sales are shown all together. Use the averages or sales details to determine prices by condition.
We are working hard to expand the price database, and new sales are reflected in the charts in real-time!

The Action Figure Price Guide is part of our Toy Guide & Wiki.
To find a figure’s values, simply click the search bar at the top of the page, click “Info” in the drop down, and type in the figure’s name. If the name matches multiple toys, click the picture of the figure you’re interested in. Scroll past the Wiki information to the figure to the Price Chart section. Click on the Price Chart thumbnail to see an enlarged view with individual sales details!
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