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Brave Series Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird

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Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird is the second entry in the Takara Brave Series, featuring more refined designs than its predecessor series Brave Exkaiser. Like Exkaiser, the series designs appear as generally futuristic, though less blocky.

Fighbird is a large, sleek jet with a couple of key gimmicks: he includes a large shield that can attach to the top of the jet to add two missile-launching cannons, or it can attach to his chest, and a large helmet flips into place over his head with the push of a switch (placing the missile launchers over his shoulders). Also unique to Fighbird (and his combining partner, Granbird) is a small pilot figure, representing the series’s main human hero, who can ride in the cockpit of the jet mode or fold in half to form an engine-like structure that fits into a cavity on Fighbird’s chest. Granbird transforms into a larger jet with some resemblance to a space shuttle, and includes the same type of armor for the jet or robot chest, although his lacks the firing cannons. Granbird can disassemble and attach to Fighbird to form Great Fighbird, who utilizes the two large armor pieces (combined with Granbird’s handguns) as a large handheld sword and shield. Fighbird’s first support combiner team is the Guard Team, rescue vehicles that include a smaller, less elaborate version of the flip-down helmet gimmick. The Guard teams helmets are attached to black boxes that can hold their guns, and attach either to the vehicle alt-modes or as backpacks for the figures. The three main Guard Team members have a unique combination into Guardion. A fourth member, Guard Wing, has a robot and jet mode in addition to disassembling to form upgrade armor parts to convert Guardion into Super Guardion. The final support team, the Baron Team, is more traditional with respect to Transformers combiners. One large vehicle forms the head and torso of the combined Thunder Baron, while four small robots form the limbs. Thunder Baron can also be reassembled in a different pattern to form the combined Thunder Jet. The Deluxe range was rounded out by another new villain, Draias. Draias is himself a sort of combiner team, with three beasts combining to form the robot mode or jet mode.

The Standard range is slightly expanded for Fighbird, consisting of three sets. A Fighbird set features a non-transforming Fighbird with his sword and a functioning chestplate/helmet gimmick. Standard class Great Fighbird features a different non-Transforming Fighbird robot paired with a Granbird in shuttle mode that can disassemble and combine with Fighbird. Super Guardion is the first support team to receive a standard toy, which features a non-transforming Guardion and a Guard Wing jet that disassembles to combine and form Super Guardion.

Fighbird continued to advance Brave’s style and engineering while cementing the model of Brave Series toylines. The following series, Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn, would take much the same shape, although with even more unique and inventive engineering.


Combiners - Baron Team (Thunder Baron)

Ace Baron

Aqua Baron

Drill Baron

Road Baron

Sky Baron

Thunder Baron

Combiners - Guard Team (Super Guardion)

Guard Fire

Guard Rescue

Guard Star

Guard Wing


Super Guardion

Deluxe (DX)




Great Fighbird

Standard (STD)


Great Fighbird

Super Guardion