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BotCon / OTFCC / Timelines
Annual Membership Figures: Side Burn

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In Package Pictures, Instructions Scans and Stats Card Scans

Boxed Side Burn Image
In Package
Sealed: Sold Out
Opened: Sold Out
Side Burn hires scan of Instructions
Side Burn Instructions scan
Side Burn hires scan of Techspecs
Stats Card
Side Burn Stats Card scan

Set Figures

Side Burn Image
Side Burn
Size: 5.75" (14.6cm) Edit Size
Complete: In Stock -
Fig Only: Sold Out

Set Accessories

Launcher (x1)
Size: 2.91" (7.4cm) Edit Size

Sold Out
Missile (x1)
Size: 1.77" (4.5cm) Edit Size

Sold Out

Mold Reassignments for Side Burn

Remolded Toy
Series: Classics
Subgroup: Deluxe Class
Year: 2006
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Series: Transformers (2010 - HFTD / RTS)
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Subgroup: Souvenir Sets
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Subgroup: Deluxe Class
Year: 2008
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Series: Platinum Edition
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