As the release of the fourth live-action movie, Transformers Age of Extinction neared, the next waves of the eponymous toy series (which was co-branded as Generations for older collectors) included more of the main characters of the film. Drift was introduced as a deluxe class figure, and transforms into a blue 2013 Bugatti 16.4 Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.


Drift’s name and Japanese samurai motif are homages to Generations Drift, however they bear little physical likeness.


Drift’s alternate mode is an accurately-styled Bugatti Veyron. Molded in blue, he features a greenish-blue paint decorating his lower body panels, as well as other details such as the distinct horseshoe grille. His licensed alternate mode is badged in the front with a red painted oval where the Bugatti emblem is placed in the grille, and a molded-in “EB” ligature logo in the center of the rear face of the car. His plastic wheels have silver-painted rims, and he features translucent blue front and side windows. His alternate mode also features the car’s retractable spoiler / airbrake in the extended position, but it is molded in black plastic, instead of the car’s body color.

Drift’s transformation is relatively simple, but more nuanced than the non-Generations offerings to the AOE line. Like the other Autobot Cars, his roof, windshield, and hood panels fold away on his back, and are largely unincorporated with his robot design. The rear of the vehicle forms his legs, with the rear bumper rotating around to form his feet. His doors fold forward over his front wheels, positioned on his shoulders, revealing his arms. He retains the car’s grille as the center of his chestplate, although the absent hood panel reveals more mechanical-looking details surrounding the grille shell.

In robot mode, Drift is heavily styled to resemble a Japanese samurai warrior. His head is encased in a blue and gold kabuto helmet, and body panels such as his shoulders and thighs are molded to resemble the flattened lamellar armor used by some samurai. His gold face is more humanoid than his other “Movie-verse” predecessors, and features a molded-in goatee. He can wield a combination of his two gold broadswords or his two gold daggers. The daggers and swords can store on his back by pegging into the car’s roof section and engine section. The daggers can store in his car mode under the car’s roof, while the swords can peg into the chassis of the car.

Collector Notes

Drift has several large panels that rotate on thin hinges. These joints should be handled with extra care.


Drift does not yet have any known production variations.


Drift was available as part of the second wave of Age of Extinction/Generations Deluxe Class in 2014.

Redecos & Retools

Drift’s mold has not been reused.