The fourth Transformers live-action film, Age of Extinction, spawned the usual plethora of toys and merchandise in 2014, especially focusing on the movie’s main characters, such as Crosshairs, a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7.


Crosshairs’ Age of Extinction likeness does not seem to have roots in any previous character, and even though Revenge of the Fallen featured another modern Corvette (Sideswipe), there is little to no resemblance between them. Crosshairs’ name is a reference to G1 Crosshairs, to whom he also bears no resemblance.


Crosshairs transforms into a green and black Corvette Stingray C7, with racing-inspired wheels and a simulated carbon fiber pedestal spoiler on the rear of the car. This mode is fairly realistically proportioned, being modeled on the exact vehicle, although the toy’s hood is slightly less slender than the real design. Since Crosshairs’ toy is licensed by Chevrolet, additional details such as molded-in Corvette badgeing adorn the car’s hood. The car mode also features transparent windows in the front and sides, as well as transparent headlight lenses. The associated body panels are then painted-over with color-matched green or black.

Crosshairs’ transformation is fairly straightforward, using common themes shared with earlier designs. His car body shell is comprised of four main sections. The rear window, decklid, and bumper lift up on a strut and fold to overlap the car’s roof. The upper doors, front fenders and headlight lenses pull up and out to the sides slightly, unlocking the large hood, windshield and roof section. The forward car panels disconnect but largely stay in place, forming an open shell around his legs, which are produced from under the hood. The rear quarters and rocker panels pull out to form the arms.

The resulting robot mode gives the appearance of Crosshairs wearing a large trench coat or duster, which hangs down to his ankles. Two soft rubber sections fold out from behind the car doors and connect using T-shaped tabs to the sides of his chest, producing a smooth curved line that blends into the fenders hanging by his legs. The three large sections of his coat are hinged independently to allow a better range of motion for his legs. However, his rear car quarters and the connections of his coat restrict the mobility of his shoulders. His face is detailed and very humanoid, though sculpted to represent robotic panels. His green helmet gives the look of a leather pilot’s cap, and he wears a set of lenses or goggles up on his forehead. He includes two small pistols which can be stored behind his car doors, with the extra rubber coat sections folding over them in car mode. He also includes a larger submachine gun which simply pegs in sideways to the bottom of the car.

Collector Notes

Crosshairs’ design uses reconnectable ball joints for most parts of the figure, and soft rubber for the lapels of his coat. However, the long side window panels can generate excessive leverage on their connections, and since transparent plastics are generally more brittle than color molded plastics, care should be taken not to overextend their joints. These pieces also contain a thin loop of plastic that connects with his lower arms in car mode, which could easily be damaged. Lastly, care should be taken when removing the tabs of his lapels from robot mode, as age and repeated bending could cause the tabs to eventually rip.


Crosshairs does not yet exhibit any production variation.


Crosshairs was available as part of the first wave of Generations/Age of Extinction Deluxe Class in 2014.

Redecos & Retools

Crosshairs’ mold was created for the Age of Extinction toy series. It has not been re-used.