As the release of the fourth live-action movie, Transformers Age of Extinction neared, the next waves of the eponymous toy series (which was co-branded as Generations for older collectors) included more of the main characters of the film. Lockdown was introduced as a deluxe class figure, and transforms into a dark gray 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


Lockdown’s character is loosely based on the Revenge of the Fallen Lockdown, but bears little physical resemblance to the former. Lockdown is one of the few AOE characters that does not take any cues from a G1 character, instead following in the concept of Animated Lockdown


Lockdown’s alternate mode is an accurately-styled Lamborghini Aventador, molded in a slightly metallic dark gray, with translucent blue front and back windows. The car mode also sports accurately-cast five-hole wheels. His painted detail includes headlights, taillights, black air ducts, and a gold Lamborghini badge on the hood. He also bears a Decepticon symbol tampograph on his driver’s side door.

Lockdown’s transformation involves producing most of the robot mode from underneath the car, with much of the car’s upper surface becoming a folded-up backpack. His arms are molded on the inside of the door panels, and the outer sections of the hood form his chest.

The resulting robot mode is well-proportioned, with the backpack folded relatively flat against the body. His styling is highly detailed and intricately mechanical, as with most Movie-verse figures. His head is more distinctly humanoid than many of his contemporaries, bearing detailed facial features, and no additional helmet-like adornment that most other Transformers have.

Collector Notes

Lockdown does not have any known flaws or weaknesses.


Lockdown does not yet have any known production variations.


Lockdown was available as part of the third wave of Age of Extinction/Generations Deluxe Class in 2014.

Redecos & Retools

Lockdown’s mold has not been reused.