The fourth Transformers live-action film, Age of Extinction, spawned the usual plethora of toys and merchandise in 2014, especially focusing on the movie’s main characters, such as Scorn, a Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.


Scorn is unique among the Dinobots included in Age of Extinction, in that he does not seem to reference any of the Generation 1 Dinobots in name or appearance. In fact, there has not been any previous Spinosaurus Transformer.


Scorn transforms into a red and gray Spinosaurus. He is distinguished by a large gray spiny sail on his back, molded in a soft rubber plastic. His body is primarily red, highlighted with orange paint and smaller gray or silver parts. The molded details on his body create the appearance of overlapping banded armor plates, and his head, neck and tail look almost skeletal in their design. His long whip like tail uses the same soft rubber as his spines, giving it the ability to flex and spring back without breaking. Scorn’s dinosaur head features an opening jaw, lined with jagged teeth.

Scorn’s transformation is fairly straightforward, although reasonably detailed and complex. His hips swing down and his legs extend to form his lower robot half, which is then rotated a quarter-turn sideways. His asymmetric upper body uses the tail as a lance-like weapon arm, while his head and neck becomes the other arm, featuring a traditional hand. His large sail rotates onto his back as two halves, hanging behind either shoulder. Scorn’s robot head resembles a medieval great helm, being somewhat cylindrical with a relatively flat top and a single slit for vision. This look departs from the complex alien faces of previous Movie characters, and his body’s armored look contrasts the complex mechanical look used by his predecessors. His long, upward hooked toes further the medieval theme by resembling sabatons. He uses a serrated short sword that can be stored in the slot underneath his tail in dinosaur mode.

Collector Notes

Scorn’s design uses soft rubber for many of his potentially fragile parts, and many joints are re-attachable. He does not have any obvious design flaws that would result in breakage or damage.


Scorn does not yet exhibit any production variation.


Socrn was available as part of the first wave of Generations/Age of Extinction Deluxe Class in 2014.

Redecos & Retools

Scorn’s mold was created for the Age of Extinction toy series. It has not been re-used.