2014 brought the focus of Transformers to the new live-action film, Age of Extinction. As with all new toylines, the series was obligated to start out with Optimus Prime. Movie Preview Optimus Prime transforms into a highly modified Western Star 4900 SB semi tractor.


Movie Preview Optimus Prime’s design resembles Movie Optimus Prime in many ways, but uses an all-new truck alternate mode with a more modern, streamlined look.


Optimus Prime’s alternate mode is based exactingly on the modified Western Star 4900 SB used in the film. It features realistic proportions for the cab and rear frame, six exhaust stacks, thin rubber tires over silver plastic wheels, and a chromed grill and front bumper. A brighter shade of silver paint highlights the exhaust pipes’ heat shrouds and the windshield visor. The hood and cab sides are decorated with solid red flame tampographs. The Western Star logo is presented on the cab’s rocker panels, highlighted in chrome. The rear of the truck is a single hollow piece, with a large central gap. It features fenders and a fifth wheel, but is otherwise very plain.

Optimus’s transformation is fairly simple. The entire rear chassis and rocker panels tilt up onto his back, and the sleeper compartment sides and truck roof fold back to become part of this backpack. The hood and doors fold forward to collapse into the back of Optimus’s legs, which are simply rotated down. His upper body is located in the cab, with the arms folded up behind it. All of this is unfolded and snapped back onto the backpack and hips.

Movie Preview Prime’s body is replete with chrome, including the entire chest, shoulders, and thighs. Some of these parts are then tinted red or blue over the chrome. His shape resembles a leaner version of the previous Movie-verse Optimus design, with thin arms and narrow shins and feet. His large backpack section protrudes above and to the sides of his shoulders, as well as the six exhaust stacks. His large front fenders and wheels are attached to the sides of his lower legs, adding bulk to the otherwise svelte robot design, but balancing the appearance of the large panel backpack. In his robot mode, Optimus Prime wields a translucent yellow sword decorated with silver paint, as well as a large shield in the same colors. In truck mode, the blade of the sword can clip underneath the truck, and the shield can peg into the center of the fifth wheel.

Collector Notes

Movie Preview Optimus’s front cab section folds on a series of hinges into his legs, and none of these hinges fold flat during transformation. Since the entire assembly extends out from the hinges, excess force on the large panels could crack the hinges. His chrome is also (somewhat unsurprisingly) frail, and can wear or flake off with incredible ease.


Movie Preview Optimus Prime has a notable production variation. Some toys do not feature the silver paint on the sword and shield, leaving them in plain yellow.


Movie Preview Prime was available from online retailer Amazon.com in 2014, shipping weeks before the main waves of Age of Extinction were available.

Redecos & Retools

Movie Preview Optimus Prime’s mold has not been reused.