2014 saw Transfomers turn its attentions to the fourth live-action movie, Age of Extinction. The more complex designs intended for older collectors were co-branded as Generations toys, such as Galvatron, a modern Freightliner Argosy heavy-duty semi tractor. Interestingly, the Argosy cab is only sold in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and its cab-over-engine style makes it more out of place in a North American setting.


Galvatron’s design does not reference any previous toys, though he borrows his name from the Generation 1 Decepticon leader Galvatron. In an odd twist of fate, Galvatron’s Freightliner alternate mode is of the same brand and style as the Freightliner FLA 8664 used as the alternate mode or G1 Optimus Prime.


Galvatron’s Freightliner Argosy alternate mode is designed very closely to the real vehicle, based on the specific model used for his screen representation. The broad cab is decorated and cast in a sinister-looking combination of black and gray. It features a detailed grill, doors with large rear-view mirrors, and accurately molded cab steps. The rear of the truck features a small representation of the truck’s fifth wheel and thin semicircular fenders over the rear axles. Despite the rear lower panels detailing the section of cab that meets the rear frame, the realism of the truck mode is damaged by the large gaps in the rear frame section. Furthermore, the back of the cab is partially open, breaking the illusion by revealing some of the robot mode sections stored within.

Galvatron’s transformation is unique, if not somewhat simple. The rear frame of the truck becomes his legs and feet, using a common trick of placing the fifth wheel in halves under his feet. The rest of the robot is revealed by unlocking and tiling the cab back. Galvatron’s arms are simply folded behind his back, and his head is plainly rotated back. Once all these parts are deployed, the hollow cab collapses in an accordion fold, and the roof folds down to lock into a flattened rectangle behind his shoulders.

His robot mode, aside from the truck cab backpack, is very generic in its form, resembling a muscular “techno-organic” humanoid. He is primarily light gray, with some gold and dark blue highlights. His sculpt is detailed, but almost entirely comprised of mechanical parts, with no depiction of truck paraphernalia, or even sections of armor plating. His head mold harkens back to the detailed robotic faces of the previous movie designs, again resembling an aggressive and muscular humanoid with a large jaw and sloped brow. Galvatron includes a large missile launcher that can peg into his fist, covering the forearm in molded hoses and struts, with the intention of making the cannon blend directly into the arm. The launcher can also peg sideways into the roof of the truck mode, or on Galvatron’s back.

Collector Notes

Galvatron’s stout body is designed in a proportionately sturdy way. However, the thin flaps that connect his rear truck frame to the cab have small hinges that may not be molded in enough precision to rotate fully, causing some stressing if they are pushed beyond their natural limits, whether or not they reach the designed stopping point.


Galvatron has no known production variations.


Galvatron was available in 2014 as part of the second wave of Generations Voyager Class AOE toys.

Redecos & Retools

Galvatron’s mold has not been reused.