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Transformers Cybertron

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Japan Equivalent: Galaxy Force

Transformers: Cybertron brought the “Universe Trilogy” to a close, adding a final installment of these thematically unified toy series. Beginning in 2005, the series came full circle within the Trilogy by abandoning the variety of themes and features in Energon by returning to one series-wide gimmick, like Armada.

In this case, the feature was the Cyber Planet key. Each toy came with a translucent plastic “key”, which could be inserted into the figure to activate some spring-loaded special weapon or feature. On the back of each key, there was a tampographed four-letter alphanumeric code, which could be entered on the official Transformers website to unlock background information or pictures about the corresponding character. The codes were uniquely assigned to each character and toy, with the first letter of the code corresponding to the figure’s size class: S for Scout (or Supreme) class toys, D for Deluxe class, V for Voyager, U for Ultra, and L for Leader class toys.

The design of the key also alluded to which planet the character came from. Each of the six planets in the fiction had a corresponding key type, and its inhabitants generally fit an certain design ethic: Earth Planet featured a number of realistically-inspired cars and jets, recognizable by some real-life analogue; Speed Planet inhabitants were all exotic science-fiction racers with translucent plastic wheels; Jungle Planet characters were robotic beasts looking somewhat like the Beast Machines Maximals; the few Giant Planet toys were meant to look like huge construction equipment and included “helper” Mini-Cons for tasks the main character was too large to complete. Toward the end of the series, two less-defined planets were introduced: Planet X, comprised of Unicron’s minions, and Cybertron Planet, a mishmash of fictional designs.

Despite this rigid structure, several retooled toys from Armada found their way into Cybertron, often with their Mini-Con action features altered to activate with the Cyber Keys instead. Other than this, Cybertron contained a series of redecoed Armada Mini-Cons sold in “versus”-style two-packs. Like many contemporary series, Cybertron included redecoes of almost every new mold it introduced. It also introduced the concept of the Legends of Cybertron Class (later called just Legends class): small, simplified versions of the main characters sold at a $5 price point.

Cybertron ended in 2006, leaving the door open for the upcoming Movie franchise, and sprinkling many subsequent series with hordes of redecoed Cybertron molds.


Burger King Kids' Meal



Optimus Prime

Red Alert

Deluxe Class

Blurr (d0y2)

Brimstone (d0h3)

Buzzsaw (df58)

Cannonball (d2rz)

Crosswise (d9f2)

Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (d1o4)

Demolishor (dt67)

Dirt Boss (d3h7)

Downshift (dm8r)

Excellion ( d7p5)

Hot Shot (d85b)

Landmine (dr94)

Longrack (d48m)

Megatron (ds9g)

Optimus Prime (d56b)

Optimus Prime (Ape) (d7s9)

Override (dy7p)

Override GTS (dj9n)

Red Alert (d26w)

Runamuck (dw3e)

Sideways (dj51)

Skywarp (d02r)

Smokescreen (d4v6)

Snarl (d43j)

Thunderblast (dh62)

Thundercracker (d98d)

Unicron (dgt3)

Gift Sets

Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus
Costco Exclusive

Leader Class

Galaxy Force Optimus Prime (l09x)

Galvatron (l65x)

Megatron (lh7d)

Metroplex with Drillbit (lm74)

Optimus Prime (l8p3)

Legends Class



Hot Shot (blue)

Hot Shot (red)




Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Red Alert


Skywarp (sc5t)
SDCC Exclusive





Vector Prime

Mini-Con Class

Backblast vs. Sureshock

Blastcharge vs. High Wire

Kobushi vs. Landslide

Payload vs. Ascentor

Ramjet vs. Scythe

Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer

Scattorbrain vs. Monocle

Scrap Iron vs. Grindor

Shockwave vs. Tankor

Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast

Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint

Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze

Scout Class

Armorhide (s645)

Backstop (stw7)

Brakedown (s5f3)

Brakedown GTS (s9k1)

Brushguard (s0u6)

Clocker (s129)

Giant Planet Mini-Con Team

Hardtop (s4mm)

Hightail (s7n5)

Lugnutz (s3y6)

Overhaul (s9d7)

Ransack (sc92)

Ransack GTS (s2w5)

Recon Mini-Con Team

Repugnus (s48r)

Scattorshot (s67k)

Scrapmetal (orange) (sf2x)

Scrapmetal (yellow) (s1j5)

Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team

Shortround (s639)

Street Speed Mini-Con Team

Swerve (s12r)

Swindle (s4mr)

Undermine (s48a)

Wreckloose (su39)

Supreme Class

Cybertron Primus

Starscream (s5a3)

Ultra Class

Cryo Scourge (u3fl)

Cybertron Defense Red Alert (up0t)

Dark Scorponok (u812)

Jetfire (uk97)

Menasor with Heavy Load (us4r)

Scourge (u2m8)

Sky Shadow (u06h)

Wing Saber (uya7)

Value Packs

Dirt Boss with Downshift
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Hot Shot with Mirage
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Landmine with Dirt Boss
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Override with Mirage
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Red Alert with Dirt Boss
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Thundercracker with Downshift
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Versus Sets

Starscream vs. Vector Prime (s5a3, v38g)
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Voyager Class

Crumplezone (vj40)

Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (v4kt)

Dark Crumplezone (v2r2)

Evac (v49u)

Galaxy Force Vector Prime with Safeguard (vz74)

Leobreaker (vg08)

Mudflap (v6t7)

Nemesis Breaker (v6f5)

Quickmix with Stripmine (ve37)

Soundwave with Laserbeak (vmj8)

Vector Prime with Safeguard (v38g)