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Transformers Movie The Best

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Deluxe Class

Autobot Jazz (MB-12)

Bonecrusher (MB-13)

Bumbleebee (MB-02)

Dinoride Strafe & Bumblebee (MB-10)

Ironhide (MB-05)

Laserbeak (MB-EX)
Convention Exclusive

Lockdown (MB-15)

Ratchet (MB-06)

War Hammer Bumblebee (MB-18)

Human Alliance

Soundwave (MB-07)

Leader Class

Jetfire (MB-16)

Megatron (MB-14)

Movie 10th Anniversary Optimus Prime (MB-11)

Nemesis Prime (MB-20)

Optimus Prime Revenge Version (MB-17)

Voyager Class

Dinoride Grimlock & Optimus Prime (MB-09)

Hound (MB-19)

Megatron (MB-03)

Optimus Prime (MB-01)

Shockwave (MB-04)

Starscream (MB-08)