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MISB G1 Transformers

January 10, 2014: Happy 2014! Transformerland is pulling out all the stops this year with some really great finds. We got this collection of mostly sealed G1 Transformers during our final push of 2013. These will start trickling into inventory in the coming weeks, so be sure to join our newsletter and stay tuned for the inventory updates! This is just the beginning, stay tuned to Transformerland.com, the Transformers community's best kept secret.

For the unfamiliar visitor who may just now be stumbling on this post, MISB G1 Transformers is shorthand for "Mint in sealed box Generation 1 Transformers". Basically Transformers toys from 1984-1990 that were never opened or used. It's bascially the pinnacle of Transformers collecting. Beleive it or not, many of the figures posted here are worth several hundreds of US dollars, several may even break and get well into 4 figures.

The ones posted here are all 'ungraded'. There are companies devoted to grading vintage toys, we may select a few to send out for grading out of curiosity and experimentation, but we've been in the grading business since the mid 90s, and we know high quality items when we see them. Many of these toys are single-owner, who were adult collectors back in the day.

Posted here are some pictures and a video of a fun set up we did over the holiday. No toys were harmed in the process. These were just the ones we could fit in before we got tired, this is not everything. Have fun and enjoy the view!

Autobot Cars/Decepticon Jets
Bases and Europeans
Reflector, Prime, Megatron