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Why sell my Dino-Riders to Transformerland.com?

  • We're open and honest with our pricing. Head over to our free Dino-Riders Toy Collector's Guide and check out our Dino-Riders price guide, to see how much each figure has sold for at Transformerland. We make our pricing public so you can approach us confidently knowing what your toys are worth. We even offer a tool to help identify Dino-Riders toys and accessories. Who else does that?

  • Dino-Riders was a toyline introduced by Tyco in 1988, pre-empting the Jurassic Park-induced dinosaur craze of the 1990s by five years. The toyline primarily features sets with a dinosaur that can wear sci-fi armor and weapons, accompanied by one or more riders, each with their own gear. The sets were devided between the heroic Valorians, who communicate with their allied dinos using the AMP necklace, and the Evil Rulons, who force their dinos into battle with the Terrible Rulon Brain Box. The first series ranged from small dinosaurs with simple movable limbs, up to the huge motorized walking Diplodocus, with large armored battlepods and three Valorian rider figures. Dino-Riders produced two more series of dinosaur sets, plus a final wave of Ice Age mammals ridden by the Cavemen, but Series 3 and Ice Age sets are exceptionally rare and valuable, as they were not originally sold in the USA, only in Canada and Europe. There were also Action Figure 2-packs of uniquely painted riders, released in waves alongside the larger dinosaur sets.

  • Transformerland is the most trusted name in 80s action toy collecting, and our long history of honesty can be seen all over the internet:
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How do I sell my Dino-Riders Toys to Transformerland.com?

1. Let us know what you have. We can work from lists or pictures.

Picture Guidelines:

  • - Group shots are fine, 5-10 figures per picture
  • - For Dino-Riders dinosaur and rider sets, picture each set individually
  • - Picture groups of accessories separately from groups of figures if you're unable to match them up
  • - Spread out items so that nothing in the foreground blocks items in the background
  • - For the most accurate evaluation, picture EVERYTHING, especially accessories as they are crucial to the value of most toys. Use care if you are disassembling the accessories, as they are known to be very fragile!
For lists, include as many details as possible:
  • - Name of figure
  • - Sealed, opened, or loose without packaging
  • - Missing accessories
    • Note: Completeness is by far the LARGEST factor when it comes to the value of loose toys.
  • - Description (discoloration, sticker quality, joint quality, breaks, rust, etc.)

If your lot is too large to list, please contact us by email or phone for further instructions

2. We send you an offer.

3. We send you detailed packing guidelines, making special note of fragile items.

4. We send you a shipping label.

5. We pay you 80% up front through Paypal and 20% on receipt and inspection, or send the full amount by business check, money order, Venmo, or a method of your preference on receipt.

6. Drop off the shipping box or schedule a pickup.

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