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Transformers G1 - Victory

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Transformers: Victory was Takara’s fifth installment in Japanese G1. The series was the peak of Transformers design complexity in the 1980s, as well as being almost entirely exclusive to Japan. However, Transformers’ popularity was waning in Japan and overseas, and Victory was the last toyline to have its own animated series.

Victory continued to focus on Transformers that included smaller partners, though they now transformed into chestplaces and faces. A great deal of the Victory toys were combiners, although many featured other gimmicks or play features as well as combining. Due to nearly the entire series being exclusive to Japan, many of the toys command high prices on the secondhand market. On the other hand, Takara eschewed many of the Hasbro selections for the year, although many of Hasbro’s Micromasters would find their way to Japanese release in subsequent years.

As Victory came to a close, Transformers sales were in decline on both sides of the Pacific. Its successor series, Transformers: Zonewould pick up many of the remaining 1989 US designs, particularly the Micromasters. However, Victory would be the last Japanese Transformers series to be supported by a serial animated feature until 1997.


Combiners - Brainmasters (Road Caesar)

Blacker (C-320)

Braver (C-321)

Laster (C-322)

Road Caesar (C-323)

Combiners - Breastforce (Liokaiser)

Drillhorn (D-334)

Guyhawk (D-330)

Hellbat (D-331)

Jaruga (D-332)

Killbison (D-333)

Leozack (D-329)

Liokaiser (D-335)

Combiners - Dinoforce (Dinoking)

Dinoking (D-328)

Doryu (D-325)

Gairyu (D-323)

Goryu (D-322)

Kakuryu (D-324)

Rairyu (D-327)

Yokuryu (D-326)

Combiners - Multiforce (Landcross)

Dashtacker (C-317)

Landcross (C-319)

Machtackle (C-318)

Wingwaver (C-316)


Star Saber (C-324)


Deathsaurus (D-336)


Black Shadow (D-309)

Blue Bacchus (D-310)

Gift Sets

Hero Set (HERO SET)

Victory Saber (C-328)


Galaxy Shuttle (C-326)

Victory Leo (C-327)