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Transformers Beast Wars Neo

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Beast Wars Neo was Takara's successor to Beast Wars II, and a segment in the lineage of Japanese Beast Wars. Beast Wars Neo, like BWII, was designed independent from the ongoing story used by Mainframe Entertainment in the US. Neo, and its anime, helped to bridge the gap between seasons of the Japanese dub of the Mainframe series.

Beast Wars Neo picked up where the BWII toyline ended, but presented a more organized, refined, and unique selection of toys. The Cybertrons featured a broad variety of (mostly) extant animal species, while the Destrons fielded only extinct varieties, such as dinosaurs, synapsids, and ammonites. The toys were uniformly on par with contemporary Beast Wars design, as no pre-Beast Wars designs were used. In fact, many molds remain unique to Neo, and great deal of them would never see American release, though several Neo Predacons would be selected for the Dinobots sublines of Beast Machines and Universe. Almost all of the regular release figures were also available in Versus Packs, unchanged from their individual releases. The “S” series continued with a new faction called Blendrons - each a redeco of the deluxe Fuzors not used by Mainframe Animation.

An interesting footnote to Beast Wars Neo is its one unreleased figure: a reimagining of Unicron designed to the hard copy prototype stage and then abandoned. In the future, he would lend many of his traits and features to his successor planets, Armada Unicron and Cybertron Primus.

After its predictably short run, Beast Wars Neo ended and gave way to Beast Wars Metals, which resumed its close ties with the US cartoon series and toyline.


Basic Class

Bazooka (D-38)

Break (C-32)

Bump (C-38)

Crazybolt (D-34)

Dead End (D-32)

Hydra (D-33)

Randy (C-34)

Rockbuster (C-33)

Sling (D-31)

Stampy (C-31)

Deluxe Class

Archadis (D-36)

Cohrada (C-30)

Drancron (X-8)

Elphaorpha (X-7)

Guiledart (D-29)

Hardhead (D-37)

Killer Punch (D-39)

Mach Kick (C-36)

Ratorata (X-6)

Saberback (D-30)

Sharp Edge (C-37)

Mega Class

Longrack (C-29)

Survive (C-39)

Ultra Class

Big Convoy (C-35)

Black Big Convoy (C-35)
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Heinrad (S-3)

Magmatron (D-35)

Versus Sets

Backwater Showdown: Rockbuster vs. Hydra (VS-33)

Roaring Showdown: Survive vs. Killer Punch (VS-39)

Showdown in the Desert: Cohrada vs. Saberback (VS-30)

Showdown in the Ocean: Break vs. Dead End (VS-32)

Showdown in the Prairie: Stampy vs. Sling (VS-31)

Showdown in the Savannah: Longrack vs. Guiledart (VS-29)

Showdown of the Favorites: Mach Kick vs. Archadis (VS-36)

Showdown of the Master Fencers: Sharp Edge vs. Hardhead (VS-37)

Showdown of the Universe: Big Convoy vs. Magmatron (VS-35)

Showdown of the Utmost Limit: Bump vs. Bazooka (VS-38)

Sprinting Showdown: Randy vs. Crazybolt (VS-34)