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Transformers Armada

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Japan Equivalent: Micron Densetsu (Legend)

Transformers: Armada marked the second sea change in the history of the Transformers. Bursting onto the scene in 2002, Armada presented a new unity of series design that had been lost since Beast Wars, as well as a series-wide play pattern, the first of several series, led by Japanese fiction, to do so.

Armada’s primary focus was the inclusion of Mini-Cons: transformers slightly larger than Micromasters that had special ports to unlock weapons and features on the larger toys. One Mini-Con was included with each full-size figure, and they were also sold in themed “Teams” in packs of three, replacing the basic class of figures. The figures were often larger and bulkier than their predecessors, and as such, Armada introduced a new set of size classes, with a corresponding increase in price. Electronics became commonplace, fitted to every toy larger than Deluxe class, and on one Deluxe to boot. These ranged from lights and sounds to the elaborate remote-control auto-transforming trailer for Optimus Prime. The figures featured many ports to interact with the Mini-Cons, but due to their blocky and fictional designs, there were seldom any smooth forms or shapes to break up with the tabs and sockets.

The series was incredibly popular, and as such, many recolors found inclusion in the line. It was the first of many Transformers series to feature almost every new mold in two decoes, and went so far as to include Beast Wars Transmetal toys fitted with “dummy” Mini-Con ports (which didn’s activate any features) and new decoes, just to meet demand for new figures.

A singular figure worth its own mention was the Conquerer class Unicron toy. Finally giving longtime fans a toy representation of the mighty enemy from both G1 and Armada, the figure met so little of the demand, that it was included again in the next series, Energon, unchanged before a redeco could be devised. Unicron became the focal point of the story, so much so that the next two series would focus on his resurrection and destruction, leading to Armada becoming the beginning of the so-called “Unicron Trilogy”.

Armada’s success rode upon several factors that would largely remain a part of Transformers until the live-action Movie line and beyond. Line-wide gimmicks were back in force, and would turn up so often that press releases about Animated made a point of mentioning that it would NOT have a line-wide gimmick. The influence of Japanese anime on the cartoon (to the point of basically being a dubbed anime) would also continue through the rest of the Unicron trilogy. This was in keeping with popular themes in boys’s toys and entertainment at the time, and undoubtedly helped to modernize the appeal of the decades-old robots and their story. Armada’s story would continue with Energon the following year.



Galvatron with Clench

Jetfire with Comettor

Jetfire with Comettor

Megatron with Leader-1

Tidal Wave with Ramjet


Overload with Rollout

Predacon with Sideburn and Skid-Z

Red Alert

Red Alert with Longarm

Scavenger with Rollbar

Skywarp with Thunderclash

Starscream with Swindle

Thundercracker with Zapmaster

McDonald's Happy Meal



Hot Shot


Optimus Prime

Red Alert




Adventure Team

Air Assault Team

Air Defense Team

Air Military Team

Destruction Team

Emergency Team

Emergency Team (Redeco)

Land Military Team

Night Attack Team

Race Team

Road Assault Team

Road Wrecker Team

Sea Team

Sea Team (Redeco)

Space Team

Street Action Team

Street Speed Team


Dark Saber

Star Saber

Super Class

Optimus Prime with Sparkplug

Powerlinx Optimus Prime with Corona Sparkplug


Airazor with Nightscream

Blurr with Incinerator

Cheetor with Cliffjumper

Cyclonus with Crumplezone

Cyclonus with Crumplezone

Demolishor with Blackout

Demolishor with Blackout

Hoist with Refute

Hot Shot with Jolt

Hot Shot with Jolt


Nemesis Prime with Run-Over

Optimus Prime with Over-Run

Rhinox with Armorhide

Sideswipe with Nightbeat

Sideways with Crosswise and Rook

Smokescreen with Liftor

Terrorsaur with Ironhide

Thrust with Inferno

Thrust with Inferno

Wheeljack with Wind Sheer

Supreme Class

Unicron with Dead End