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Jurassic Park

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Action Figures

Alan Grant with Aerial Net Trap

Dennis Nedry with Tranq Spray Gun

Ellie Sattler with Firing Grappling Hook

Robert Muldoon with Firing Tranq Bazooka

Tim Murphy with Retracting Snare


Coeolophysis (JP.04)

Dilophosaurus (JP.02)

Dimetrodon (JP.01)

Dino-Screams Dilophosaurus (JP.11)

Dino-Screams Velociraptor (JP.10)

Electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex (JP.09)

Pteranodon (JP.05)

Stegosaurus (JP.07)

Triceratops (JP.08)

Velociraptor (JP.03)

Young Tyrannosaurus Rex (JP.06)


Electronic Command Compound

Small Scale Die-Cast

Ankylosaurus and Hadrosaurus

Brachiosaurus and Velociraptor

Ceratosaurus and Triceratops

Dilophosaurus and Stegosaurus

Plesiosaurus and Iguanodon

Pteranodon and Gallimimus

Tyrannosaurus and Dimetrodon


Bush Devil Tracker

Capture Copter

Jungle Explorer