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Transformers Power Core Combiners

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Japan equivalent: United EX

Power Core Combiners debuted in 2010 as an aside to Generations and Transformers (toyline). Based on Hasbro’s desire to answer the call for more toys using the “combination play pattern”, PCC was fairly straightforward in its structure, but included no in-fiction tie-ins to any other Transformers story universe. Bizarrely, even the package call-outs did not explain the premise of the PCCs’ conflict.

Each primary PCC character was a Commander figure, slightly larger than a Scout class toy. The commanders each had a vehicular alt mode, robot mode, and could be transformed into the torso of a larger robot with an alternate head and Mini-Con port on the chest. Toys sold in the Commander Class 2-packs included a translucent Mini-Con partner. The Mini-Con could transform into a robot, vehicle-mounted weapon, handheld weapon, or an armored chestplate. Since the main figure could still become a torso, the armored chestplate mode could be attached to a gestalt via the chest-mounted Mini-Con port.

Alternatively, a Commander figure could be packed with four drone figures as a 5-Pack (with no Mini-Con). The four vehicular drones generally shared a theme in their alternate modes. When attached to the Commander torso via the Allspark blue, block-shaped pegs, they automatically transformed into their appropriate limb modes. When the blue peg was removed from the drone, an internal spring transforms them back into a vehicle. The drones do not have an independent robot mode. Each drone can either become an ambidextrous arm, or an ambidextrous leg, and while they cannot become the other limb type, all pegs and sockets are universal.

As the waves wore on, redecoed Commanders were packed with different partners, switching from 2-Pack to 5-Pack and vice versa, often including redecoed drones sourced from two different sets. Mini-Cons were similarly redecoed, and often included with molds that were formerly 5-Pack figures. As the line rapidly lost momentum, the last waves become increasingly scarce, while the first waves were still plentiful. This led to massive clearances, including various “value packs”. Some toys were sold at bundle prices by attaching a 2-Pack and 5-Pack with packing tape and a sticker, at blowout prices. The line officially ended in 2011, though most of the figures released after the holiday season of 2010 saw minimal distribution.


Combiner 5-packs

Bombshock with Combaticons

Crankcase with Destrons

Double Clutch with Rallybots

Grimstone with Dinobots

Mudslinger with Destructicons

Over-Run with Stunticons

Skyburst with Aerialbots

Stakeout with Protectobots

Steamhammer with Constructicons

Commander 2-packs

Darkstream with Razorbeam

Heavytread with Groundspike

Huffer with Caliburst

Icepick with Chainclaw

Leadfoot with Pinpoint

Salvage with Bomb-Burst

Searchlight with Backwind

Skyhammer with Airlift

Sledge with Throttler

Smolder with Chopster

Steelshot with Beacon

Undertow with Waterlog

Windburn with Darkray