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Blaster at Transformerland
Blaster - radio mode
Blaster - robot mode
   The Communicators - Soundwave and Blaster
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Blaster "Broadcasts" loud and clear, booming warnings to his fellow autobots whenever the decepticons threaten to attack.

Soundwave, disguised as a cassette recorder, locates and identifies autobots, then informs other decepticons of their whereabouts. his cassette changes to a golden condor!

To the left is Blaster, who was first released as a transformer in 1985. Blaster was first released in the Microchange subline of the Microman toy line (MC-21 RadiCasse Robo), with two color variants--the orange color we are all familiar with, and a neat blue color scheme. While his radio mode is decent, his square, almost blocky robot mode leaves much to be desired.

To the right are Soundwave and Buzzsaw, who was among the first wave of Transformers to be released in 1984. Like Blaster, Soundwave was first released [with cassette Rumble] as part of the Microchange subline of Microman (MC-10 Cassette Man). Soundwave looks outstanding in both cassette player and robot modes, and the transformation action is vastly superior to that of Blaster, in this webmaster's opinion :)

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Soundwave - cassette player mode with battery power!

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