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Transformers Alternators: Pictures and News

    Smokescreen (BT-01)

Transformers Alternators - Smokescreen
Nov 2003    
    Silverstreak (BT-03)

Transformers Alternators - Silverstreak
June 2004    
    Dead End (BT-05)

Transformers Alternators - Dead End
Summer 2004 (?)    
    Subaru Impreza (BT-07)

Transformers Alternators - Subaru Impreza
Sep 2004    
    Swindle (BT-09)

Transformers Alternators - Swindle
Nov 2004    
    Battle Ravage (BT-11)

Transformers Alternators - Battle Ravage (Chevy Corvette)
Feb 2005    
    Shockblast (BT-13)

Transformers Alternators - Shockblast (Mazda RX-8 re-tool)
Mar 2005    
    Prowl (BT-15)

Transformers Alternators - Prowl (Acura Integra Police Car)
Jun 2005    
    Swerve (BT-17)

Transformers Alternators - Swerve (Red Chevrolet Corvette re-tool)
Jul 2005    
    Sunstreaker (18)

Transformers Alternators - Sunstreaker (Dodge Viper re-tool)
Dec 2005    
    Ricochet (20)

Transformers Alternators - Ricochet (Subaru Impreza WRX re-tool)
Jan 2006    

The scoop on Transformers Alternators

The Transformers Alternators line made its debut in September, 2003. This toy line brings back the feel of the orginal G1 line, with unparalleled articulation!

Transformers Alternators News Archive

06/04/06: My appologies for the long delay in updating, research responsibilities and all that...Well, first thing is I've updated the database to include all figures released up to date. Second, images have recently surfaced of a repainted Dodge Ram SRT-10 named Nemesis Prime. Additionally, an entry in Wal-Mart's public website surfaced back in February of a Honda Civic named Rumble
Does not appear to be a prototype, but a finished and painted product.

07/15/05: Update from the Hasbro panel @ the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC). Well fans, expect a price hike for the Alternators series in 2006 to match the Transformers popularity as the movie draws near, that's supply and demand for you! According to the panel, there will be 11 new toys in the series including five re-tools and six original molds (the name Mirage floated about during a discussion on new characters). Also, some of you may have heard of the Female Binal Tech Asterisk line (BTA). Unfortunately it looks like these figures will be reserved for Takara only.

07/08/05: What appears to be Hasbro Alternators Sunstreaker has surfaced on eBay. Check it out
Does not appear to be a prototype, but a finished and painted product. He will be a repainted, slightly remolded Dead End.

06/06/05: Rumors of a prototype Ironhide have been floating around. The figure is said to be modeled after a toyota mpv. Pics comming soon.
(Update) Images the prototype have surfaced in a current ebay auction .

05/01/05: More than meets the eye! More repaints that is... Wheeljack (Grimlock re-tool) and Shockblast (Meister re-tool) are already out en masse. A packaged Decepticharge (aka Wild Rider, a Windcharger re-tool) has surfaced on eBay, so we can assume he will be arriving in stores shortly. Swerve (a re-tool of Tracks and Battle-Ravage) will be pretty much the same as Tracks, but will come with a flaming hood decal a la G1 Tracks. The only genuine mold will be Prowl, an Acura RSX 2005 police car (same model as the G1 figure). A blue redeco of Prowl is in the works. Whether this will be a variant or a new character remains to be seen.

12/20/04: It's been a busy few months, so I haven't had much time to update. In that time, planned release dates for both Battle Ravage (Jaguar, the Chevy Corvette Z06 Tracks re-tool), and Windcharger (Overdrive, the red Honda S2000) have been announced. Also, images of Shockwave (a sweet purple Mazda Meister RX-8 re-tool with a very familar G1 Shockwave head and arm cannon) and Wheeljack (a white and blue re-tool of the Ford Mustang Grimlock with a very G1 Wheeljack-like head) have surfaced.

08/13/04: Plans for an Alternators Mini Cooper has been scrubbed due to liscense disputes between Takara and BMW. However, new items have appeared in Wal-Mart computers including a Honda S2000, and repaints of the Chevy Corvette (Tracks), the Ford Mustang (Grimlock), and the Mazda RX-8 (Meister)...more repaints....oh boy :(

07/23/04: The 10th installment in the Alternators will be a silver 2005 Ford Mustang named 'Grimlock'. The face bares a blatant resemblance to the Dinobot Grimlock of G1 fame. The engine, as usual, turns into a gun-type weapon. A cool new gimmick here is that the drive train turns into the energo-sword (also of G1 fame).
Additionally, the US version of Tracks will be blue(!), not the yellow color of the Binal Tech line.

07/17/04: Some beautiful new pictures have recently surfaced of a BT / Alternators Hound redeco / remold. The pictures can be seen here. As is the general consensus, this figure looks as if it will be the Decpticon Swindle, and will be the 9th installment in the Alternators series.

Many thanks to P.Prime from the TFClub.com and The 2005 Boards for the scoop and the images!

07/01/04: Transformers.com news section:

Q: When will the TRANSFORMERS ALTERNATORS Jeep Wrangler hit store shelves?

A: AUTOBOT HOUND, the Jeep Wrangler is shipping now and should begin to hit store shelves in the next few weeks.

This is old news by now since Hound has started showing up across North America for a couple of weeks now. I guess one can't ask for much in the way of new with OFTCC coming up soon.

-Nash J. DeVita

06/23/04: Silver Streak has been spotted in the United States in a number of areas. Two different variants have been spotted - a (Japanese style) Right Hand Drive (meaning the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the vehicle) and a (more US familiar) Left Hand Drive version.

Hound has also been spotted in some areas of the United States recently. Hound is still far rarer than Silver Streak. It is said that Silver Streak ships in both 2x Silver Streak with 2x Side Swipe where as Hound is currently shipping with 1x Hound, 2x Silver Streak, and 1x Side Swipe. Thus far, the RHD Silver Streak has shipped in the first noted shipment while the LHD version has shipped in the latter.

Images of a re-molded Jeep Wrangler (Hound) have begun to circulate. The name of this figure is still unconfirmed though the general consensus is that it bears a striking resemblance to the Decepticon Swindle. These images are not properly painted since it is a re-mold prototype.

These images are akin to the re-mold images of the 'new' Smoke Screen Alternators figure. The new version will update the Subaru WRC to the 2004 version from the 2003 version that is currently available and will have a the numbers 1 & 2 in Japan (just as the Takara versions of the current Smoke Screen feature 7 & 8).

A blue version of the Tracks Corvette mold is pictured in the current issue of Previews, the Diamond Distributor Magazine. Now we just have to hope that it, not the yellow version, is actually released as Tracks.

-Nash J. DeVita

03/11/04: Images of Tracks and the first Decepticon Alternator, Dead End, appear at Hasbro's site. Apparently, the news of Sunstreak has been exaggerated (though I still think the face mold looks very similar to the G1 Cartoon Sunstreaker). Thanks to Tony Ko for the heads-up!

03/03/04: News of Sunstreak hits. "He will be based on the mold for Sideswipe, but will have hard-top, spoiler, and several areas with new mold, most notably the face." The face bares a striking resemblance to Sunstreaker from the G1 cartoon.

-Tony Ko (quote and pics)

03/02/04: "The name of the Mazda RX- 8 alternator has been confirmed. It will be ‘Meister’ – the Japanese name for ‘Jazz’. Sadly, Hasbro lost the license for the name ‘Jazz’ so it will be ‘Meister’ in and out of Japan."

-Nash J. DeVita

01/29/04: "WOW! This just keeps getting better all the time! Check this out! It's an RX-8 [no name as of yet]! Now this figure is definitly a must have for the fans out there. You can check out this sleek, new toy here. Now all we need are some Decepticons!"

-Tony Pena

12/12/03: New images of Silverstreak (available Summer 2004), the silver 1982 Datsun Fairlady Z have been released. This brings the total to five Autobot releases and zero Decepticon releases -- it already looking like Generation 1 all over again! Seriously, great job, outstanding.

12/02/03: Do my eyes deceive me? These pictures (right)--just released--of the new Transformers Alternators Hound Jeep Wrangler toy are blowing my mind! Seriously, can someone hook me up? Sideswipe (Lambor), the red Dodge Viper (left) looks pretty nifty as well. Both are due out shortly, but if you are really lucky, you can find them around already. Oh well...for now, I'll just enjoy the eye candy :( Also due out shortly is a yellowChevy Corvette, which will undoubtedly be named Tracks.

Some images of the blue Subaru WRC known as Smokescreen, which will sell for approximately $40 have been floating around the net. Read a review of Alternators Smokescreen and view some great pictures here. Also take a look at the 20th Anniversary 'Masterpiece' Optimus Prime. He will is furnished with the Matrix of Leadership, standard handgun and Megatron handgun. The the hands are fully articulated and jointed, and look very similar to the cartoon. Way cool!

Well, that's all I got for now, if anyone has any pictures or info to add, please contact us!

For more information on other Transformers Action Figure lines, see the Complete Transformers Action Figure Lines Synopsis.

    Sideswipe (BT-02)

Transformers Alternators - Sideswipe
Dec 2003    
    Hound (BT-04)

Transformers Alternators - Hound
June 2004    
    Tracks (BT-06)

Transformers Alternators - Tracks
Summer 2004 (?)   
    Meister (BT-08)

Transformers Alternators - Meister
Sep 2004 (?)    
    Grimlock (BT-10)

Transformers Alternators - Grimlock
December 2004 (?)    
    Windcharger (BT-12)

Transformers Alternators - Windcharger (Honda S2000)
Mar 2005    
    Wheeljack (BT-14)

Transformers Alternators - Wheeljack (2005 Ford Mustang re-tool)
Mar 2005    
    Decepticharge (BT-16)

Transformers Alternators - Decepticharge (Honda S2000 re-tool)
May 2005    
    Autobot Skids (17)

Transformers Alternators - Autobot Skids (Scion xB)
Dec 2005    
    Rollbar (19)

Transformers Alternators - Rollbar (Jeep Wrangler TJ Custom re-tool)
Jan 2006    
    Optimus Prime (21)

Transformers Alternators - Optimus Prime (Dodge Ram SRT-10)
Apr 2006