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Diaclone Diaclone (2016)

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The Diaclone 1:60 Scale Adventure World was resurrected by TakaraTomy in 2016, to the delight of fans in Japan and abroad. The toyline purports to pick up where the original Diaclone series left off. Featuring new adult collector-oriented designs in 1:60 scale, the series kicked off with sets inspired by original figures from 1980 and 1981. The mecha fit stylistically with the early sci-fi mecha of the original series, eschewing references to the now-dated cars and other real vehicles featured from 1982 onward.

Each of the sets include one or more Diaclone personnel, using the now-canonized fan term “Dia-Nauts”. The highly poseable figures feature strong permanent magnets in the feet to allow them to walk on ferrous surfaces, including ferrous stickers that can be installed on some of the larger mecha figures. The figures are nominally compatible with the original sets (and, by extension, Generation 1 Transformers), but their wider ball-jointed hips make proper seating impossible on some older toys. The new mecha designs are highly modular, using combining components that are compatible across sets, including many interchangeable accessories. The designs allow collectors to assemble a number of different mecha or vehicles from the larger sets, including the ability to custom build various robots using parts from multiple sets.

TakaraTomy’s marketing was carefully designed to appeal to the adults who played with Diaclone in the 1980s. The packaging features a flat red and black-striped theme that closely matches the earliest toys that have been re-interpreted in this line. Further, the storyline provided both in pack-in materials and online portrays itself as a sequel to the stories told in the original series’ catalogs. (A full translation of each original catalog is available on the TFL Blog via the Diaclone page!) The modern chapters of the Diaclone story have been translated by Bryan Wilkinson at the Crew of Spirited Boys Microman Club.

Early on, the series was mostly comprised of variants of the Dia-Battles V2 design, including an extensive retool in the Cosmo Maneuver type. The second phase of the line comprised of the Powered System, a reimagining of the original Diaclone Powered suits in a wide variety of colors, designs, and in-universe fuctions. The suits can combine with larger mecha like Dia-Battles V2, and with the Dartloader and Gyroseptor, unassembled vehicle kits whose components can be used to upgrade the Powered Suits. These kits also included numerous adaptors to combine accessories, including adapting accessories from the 3mm posts used by the Powered System to the 4mm posts of larger mecha and vice-versa. The next big announcement was the Big-Powered GV series, the largest figure of the line to date, who interacts heavily with the Powered System (as the original Big Powered did with the vintage Powered Suits). Most recently, the line introduced the Powered System Maneuver types, a set of larger, more intricate and articulated Powered Suits, whose “Raid Chamber” containers are designed to interact with Battle Buffalo Mk IV Striker. This era of the line also introduces the first villain toys in the reboot: the Waruder Suits, unique and vaguely monsterous mecha with numerous pegs to combine into larger monsters.

Based on solid sales and growing success, the series will continue for the forseeable future, releasing a handful of new figures each year at a pace similar to Transformers Masterpiece.The cycle seems to consist of one large mecha for each year, followed by its redeco or retool, with smaller mecha like the Powered System and Dia-Naut figure packs interspersed between to introduce or build on new transformation concepts.



Battle Buffalo Mk.IV "Striker" (DA-29)

Big-Powered GV (DA-14)

Big-Powered GV "Destroyer" (DA-33)

Big-Powered GV Independent Mobile Squad (I.M.S.) Ver (DA-17)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Big-Powered GV Land Battle Cruiser (Concatenated Battle Trailer) (DA-19)

Cosmo Battles 02 "Red Lightning Set" (DA-48)

Cosmo-Battles 02 (DA-07)

Dia-Battles V2 (DA-01)

Dia-Battles V2 "Red Lightning" (DA-45)

Dia-Battles V2 Alpha Plus Ver. (DA-11)

Dia-Battles V2 Cosmo Maneuver Type (DA-06)

Dia-Battles V2 Prototype (Moon Base Ver.) (DA-01-EX)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Strike Buffalo "Moon Assaulter" (DA-37)

Diaclone Combat Chronicle

Cross Septor (Vol. 2)
Kodansha Exclusive

Powered Suit F Type (Vol. 1)
Kodansha Exclusive

Rapid Loader (Vol. 3)
Kodansha Exclusive

Figure Packs

Big Powered Team Set (DA-15)

Big-Powered GV Independent Mobile Squad (I.M.S.) Team Set (DA-18)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Dia-Nauts (Diaclone Personnel) (DA-04)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Dia-Nauts (Diaclone Personnel) Set 2 (DA-04-2)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Dia-Nauts (Diaclone Personnel) Set 3 (DA-04-3)

Female Dia-Nauts (Diaclone Personnel) Set (DA-41)

Mobile Base Dia-Naut Set (DA-62)

Mobile Base Dia-Naut Set 02 (DA-73)

Warudaroid Set
Diaclone Expo

Powered Suits

Cosmo Marines Armament Set (DA-16)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Maneuver Alpha & Beta Set (Maneuver Prototype/Cosmo Marines Ver.) (DA-25)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Maneuver Alpha Spartan (DA-36)

Maneuver Epsilon & Taurus Mobile Base Set (DA-70)

Maneuver Epsilon Cosmo Mariner Ver. (DA-49)

Maneuver Gamma & Delta Mobile Base Set (DA-64)

Powered System C Type Solid Scan Ver. (DA-08EX)
Diaclone Expo

Powered System Dartloader (DA-13)

Powered System Gyroseptor (DA-12)

Powered System Maneuver Alpha (DA-21)

Powered System Maneuver Beta (DA-22)

Powered System Maneuver Delta (DA-28)

Powered System Maneuver Epsilon (DA-39)

Powered System Maneuver Gamma (DA-27)

Powered System Maneuver Gamma (Cosmo Marines Ver.) & Delta Set (Aerial Tactics Unit Ver.) (DA-30)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Powered System Maneuver Skyjacket (DA-32)

Powered System Set A Type (DA-02)

Powered System Set A&B Type Cosmo Marines Ver. (DA-05)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Powered System Set A&B Type/e-HOBBY limited.
e-HOBBY Exclusive

Powered System Set A&C Desert Combat Squad ver.
Asia Exclusive

Powered System Set B Type (DA-03)

Powered System Set C Type (DA-08)

Powered System Set C&D Cosmo Marines Ver. (DA-10)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Powered System Set D Type (DA-09)

Powered System Set E Type (DA-20)

PS/202X (A Type and B Type) Set (DA-77)

Sky Jacket "Storm Savers Ver." (DA-35)

Trivers Series

Battle Convoy V-Max (DA-65)

Battle Convoy V-Shadow (DA-79)

Pod Grander Expansion Unit (Extra)

Tridasher "Sun Burst": (DA-69)

Tridigger Cosmo Marines Ver. (DA-51)

Trivers Bullet Core Set (DA-53)

Trivers Shadowdasher (DA-44)

Trivers Shadowjeter (DA-46)

Trivers Tridasher "Special Ver." (DA-40)

Trivers Tridigger (DA-47)

Trivers Tridigger "D Caliber" (DA-71)

Trivers Trijeter "D Caliber" (DA-71)

Trivers Trijeter "Special Ver." (DA-42)

Trivers Trirambler (DA-54)

Trivers Trirambler "D Caliber" (DA-75)

Trivers Trirambler "Red Chaser" (DA-59)

Vers Riser-Unit 01 (DA-52)

Vers Riser-Unit 02 (DA-55)

Vers Riser-Unit 03 (DA-60)

Versriser-Unit 01 "Shadow Calibur" (DA-56)

Versriser-Unit 01 "V-Mover 01 Set" (DA-57)

Versriser-Unit 02 "Cosmo Mariner Ver." (DA-61)

Versriser-Unit 02 "V-Mover 02 Set" (DA-63)

Versriser-Unit 03 "C-Grasper" (DA-66)

Versriser-Unit 03 "V-Mover 03 Set" (DA-68)

Upgrade Sets

Dia-Battles V2 Head Unit Collection
Diaclone Expo

Waruder Machine Series

Warudalegion Ripper (DA-78)

Warudaraider "Bug Head" (DA-38)

Warudaraider "Bug Head" & Waruder Suit Set (DA-43)

Warudaraider "Rapto Head" (DA-31)

Warudaraider "Rapto Head" (Dark Cathode Type) (DA-44)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive

Warudaros "Drago Head" (DA-75)

Warudaros "Ghoul Head" (DA-76)

Warudaros "Gigantor" (DA-50)

Warudaros "Soldier Type II" (DA-67)

Warudaros "Soldier Type" (DA-58)

Waruder Suits

Waruder Suit “Flinger” (DA-23)

Waruder Suit “Stang” (DA-24)

Waruder Suits (Dark Cathode Type) (DA-26)
TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive