Transformers: the Movie debuted in 1986, and a number of newly designed character toys were released to coincide with the futuristic aesthetic of the movie. It was a strong departure from G1’s traditional selection of realistic vehicles, but the new designs had an opportunity to mimic the animation, as opposed to the converse. Scourge was a result of this, and transforms into a strange, stylized blue hovercraft.


Scourge’s design story is a little convoluted. Artist Floro Dery created the character models for Scourge and other new Movie characters, depicting stylized robot modes and sleek, futuristic vehicles. Subsequently, the toys were engineered to resemble the Dery designs as much as practical. However, the character and control art models were subsequently redesigned before being animated into the movie – often leaving the toys less accurate in the process.


Scourge transforms into a two-tone blue alien hovercraft. The craft is primarily comprised of a large tublike shell shaped like the face of a clothes iron, upon which are three engine / weapon cylinders at the rear, with the central one raised on a pylon. Each laser / engine has a red circular decal on the front, and a bullet-shaped rear cone. Two detailed stickers decorate the forward sides of the hull, perhaps indicating more weaponry. The rear of the ship has a large rectangular vent or engine mounted to the hull. He features small roller wheels beneath the hull to allow him to roll along the ground.

Scourge’s transformation is fairly simple. The hull sides and top open as wings and fold to the bottom of the vehicle, revealing Scourge’s robotic upper torso and arms. The central laser pylon folds back to reveal his face and head, and the front of the hull divides and rotates around behind his legs. In robot mode, Scourge has well-articulated but spindly arms, and bending knees (though the sections of hull on his calves severely limit their motion). He can wield his blue rifle, and his head’s laser gun is removable, but not compatible with his hands.

Collector Notes

While Scourge is very sturdy and not prone to breakage, his shin stickers are very likely to display some form of sticker wear. When transforming Scourge, the ankle hinges slide directly over the shins, scraping, ripping, or bunching up the thick paper stickers. This can be avoided by carefully lifting the ankle outward while sliding the foot or front hull into place. Going to vehicle mode, this requires leaving the wings slightly apart from each other so the foot can lock into place without having to slide straight back along the shin. It is important to distinguish incomplete Scourges from Targetmaster Scourges, as their weapons and parts are not interchangeable. See Targetmaster Scourge's article for more.


Scourge has some production variants, but the most notable concerns the raised area on the top of his hull. Early versions featured blue paint covering the raised region, as well as the vertical band of plastic adjoining the lower hull. Later versions simply feature large, factory applied stickers on this area. There are also two versions of Scourge’s head gun: some have the bullet-shaped tail of the gun removable, while others are glued together as one solid piece. The non-glued guns correspond to the painted-top figures.


Scourge was available in 1986 worldwide, with or without a Transformers: The Movie glow-in-the-dark poster. In 1987, he was superseded by Targetmaster Scourge.

Redecos & Retools

Scourge’s mold was modified to have 5mm holes in the top of the head and fists, and sold as Targetmaster Scourge in 1987. The mold has not been used since.