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G1 - Super-God Masterforce
Headmaster Juniors: Minerva Night Beat

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In Package Pictures, Instructions Scans and Stats Card Scans

Boxed Minerva Night Beat Image
In Package
Sealed: Sold Out
Opened: Sold Out
Minerva Night Beat Instructions scan
Missing Techspec Image
Stats Card
Minerva Night Beat Stats Card scan

Set Figures

Minerva Image
Size: 0.94" (2.4cm) Edit Size
Complete: Sold Out
Fig Only: Sold Out
Headmaster Night Beat Transtector Image
Headmaster Night Beat Transtector
Size: 5.16" (13.1cm) Toy Size Verified!
Complete: Sold Out
Fig Only: In Stock -

Set Accessories

Seat / Helmet (x1)
Size: 0.79" (2cm) Edit Size

Sold Out
Left Shock Blaster (x1)
Size: 1.18" (3cm) Edit Size

Sold Out
Right Shock Blaster (x1)
Size: 1.18" (3cm) Edit Size

Sold Out
Shock Gun (x1)
Size: 2.36" (6cm) Edit Size

Sold Out

Mold Reassignments for Headmaster Night Beat Transtector

Remolded Toy
Minerva (C-303)
Series: G1 - Super-God Masterforce
Subgroup: Headmaster Juniors
Year: 1988