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Constructicons (Devastator, G2, yellow): Mixmaster (yellow)

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In Package Pictures, Instructions Scans and Stats Card Scans

Boxed Mixmaster (yellow) Image
In Package
Sealed: Sold Out
Opened: Sold Out
Mixmaster (yellow) hires scan of Instructions
Mixmaster (yellow) Instructions scan
Mixmaster (yellow) hires scan of Techspecs
Stats Card
Mixmaster (yellow) Stats Card scan

Set Figures

Mixmaster (yellow) Image
Mixmaster (yellow)
Size: 3.75" (9.5cm) Toy Size Verified!
Complete: In Stock -
Fig Only: Sold Out

Set Accessories

Laser Pistol (x1)

Sold Out
Magna Laser (x1)
Size: 3.10" (7.9cm) Toy Size Verified!

Sold Out
Twin Blaster (x1)
Size: 1.46" (3.7cm) Toy Size Verified!

Sold Out

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Accessory Image
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Hook (yellow)
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Long Haul (yellow)
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Devastator (yellow)

Mold Reassignments for Mixmaster (yellow)

Remolded Toy
Mixmaster (orange) (#6)
Series: G2
Subgroup: Combiners
Year: 1994
Remolded Toy
Mixmaster (6)
Series: G1
Subgroup: Combiners
Year: 1985
Remolded Toy
Mixer (Mixmaster)
Series: G1 (Europe)
Subgroup: Constructicons
Year: 1992
Remolded Toy
Devastor (Anime Color Ver.) (20A)
Series: Encore (Reissue)
Subgroup: Combiners - Gift Set Only
Year: 2013