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Transformers Attacktix

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Attacktix was a multi-brand Hasbro gaming toy property, which first included Transformers in 2006. The tabletop game allowed inclusion of figures from any of the three properties (Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel comics) to be used in combination with each other. This archive only includes the Transformers portion (and those explicitly released with Transformers).

Attacktix figures were primarily sold in blind-packed booster packs of two figures each, although some special battle sets were released with the same figures in each set. The figures themselves are painted plastic game pieces attached to circular bases. The figures have limited articulation and always feature some sort of attack: either a projectile launcher, spring-loaded punch, or some other such feature. The plastic bases include information on the figure such as its “rarity”, point value, and a wheel underneath that determines how far each figure can be moved during a turn of the game. Basic gameplay involves choosing an army of figures with some total point value, and then trying to physically knock the other player’s figures over using the aforementioned attacks. The articulation of the figures is primarily used to try to balance them best over their base, or aim attacks at other figures.

The line includes characters from multiple Transformers franchises, including characters from franchises that did not have their own toylines. Although the figures do not transform, some figures were issued to represent the vehicle modes of certain robots, with in-game abilities allowing them to be exchanged for their alternate form during the game. A pair of larger figures were released in special battle packs, with mechanisms that required multiple hits to knock the figure down. Many of the figures included missiles, and most of these shared one common, nondescript mold, included in a variety of colors. Some blind-packed figures were released with chrome bases, which served no purpose but to enhance rarity for collectors. There were also alternate gold-based versions of characters released in battle packs, which had different special abilities printed on them than the black-based booster figures.

Attacktix was canceled early in 2007, leaving a whole second series of unreleased Transformers figures, as well as unproduced designs for still more figures beyond the second series. Hasbro initially indicated that it wished to find an outlet for the unreleased second series, but it became increasingly unlikely as the years elapsed. The cancellation was accompanied by massive clearances, giving many avid fans of the game a chance to stock up on booster packs for a final time.


Booster Pack Figures

Battle Ravage (TF-06)

Decepticlone (TF-03)

Excellion (TF-10)

Hot Shot (TF-09)

Insecticon (TF-04)

Landmine (TF-12)

Megatron (TF-16)

Megatron (Jet) (TF-17)

Mini-Con (TF-01)

Omnicon (TF-02)

Ransack (TF-18)

Rodimus (TF-05)

Scorponok (TF-15)

Scourge (TF-07)

Starscream (TF-08)

Super Optimus Prime (Robot Mode) (TF-13)

Super Optimus Prime (Vehicle Mode) (TF-14)

Vector Prime (TF-11)

Gift Sets

Battle Masters (TF-24, 25)

Intergalactic Showdown (ISD)

Starter Set (TF-19-22)

Value Packs

Starter Set and Bonus Rare Action Figure (P-1)