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Transformers Diakron

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Diakron was a short-lived attempt by Takara to market Diaclone toys directly to the American market in 1983. Sold only through specialty toy shops, the toyline included seven toys and failed quickly. In less than a year, Hasbro would partner with Takara to release all but one of these toys, and many others, as Transformers to the world market. The name Diakron comes from a mis-romanization of the Japanese name of Diaclone, ダイアクロン, which is phoenetically translated as Diakuron.

Despite such a miniscule release, Diakron featured a decently representative cross-section of the contemporary domestic (to Japan) Diaclone toyline. Three of the toys, called Robot/Cars in Diakron, were borrowed from Diaclone's Real & Robo: Car Robot subline, which dominated the 1983 releases for that line. The Powerdashers, taken from Diaclone's Dashers, represented the many smaller Diaclone subgroups centered around common gimmicks or play features. Finally, the Multi-Force 14 robot represented early Diaclone releases of unique and unrealistic science-fiction vehicles.

The rarity of Diakron toys in the US, combined with their ties to the Transformers, have made them quite desirable in the collector market. The Robot/Cars, who went on to be released in alternate colors as some of the Autobot Cars, get particularly close attention from the Transformers fandom, as do their Diaclone counterparts. The Powerdashers would lend their Diakron group name directly to their Transformers releases, who were mail-away exclusives that were issued without individual names or biographical information.

Despite the abject failure of Diakron and the resounding success of Transformers, Takara would go on to try to market Diaclone toys not licensed by Hasbro as Kronoform: Robotic World in 1984.


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