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Transformers G-2

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Hasbro equivalent: Generation 2

G-2 (with a hyphen) was Takara’s feeble attempt at reviving the Transformers brand in Japan after two years of silence. Roughly correlating to the final year of Hasbro’s Generation 2, the series included only a selection of the unique new designs from Generation 2. Of these, G-2 omitted the Autorollers, Rotor Force, and several of the Go-Bots, among others.

The diminutive toyline was weakly branded and poorly distributed, so sales were poor. The line included 18 toys, varying in size from the Go-Bots to Dreadwing. Excepting the Go-Bots, the toys selected were the most articulated (and arguably modern) designs from G2, such as the Laser Rods and Cyberjets. In 2006, Takara retroactively added the “Primes of Justice” to G-2, both e-HOBBY redecos of Laser Optimus Prime.

As G-2 was a financial wash for Takara, they once again abandoned Transformers until the 1997 debut of Japan’s Beast Wars line, and continued to focus on their ongoing Brave Series instead.



Aero Raid (TRF-14)

Hooligan (TRF-09)

Jetfire (TRF-16)

Skyjack (TRF-07)

Space Case (TRF-08)

Strafe (TRF-15)



Optimus Prime



Convoy (TRF-01)

Megatron (TRF-02)

Laser Cycles

Road Big (TRF-12)

Road Rocket (TRF-11)

Laser Rods

Autovolt (TRF-04)

Effectro (TRF-03)

Firebot (TRF-06)

Hot Row (TRF-05)


Battle Convoy (TRF-13-S)


Dreadwing and Smokescreen (TRF-10)

Prime of Justice

Battle Convoy (TRF-13-S)

Laser Ultra Magnus (TRF-13-S)
e-HOBBY Exclusive