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Transformers G1 - Transformers 2010

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Hasbro Equivalent: Generation 1 (1986)

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: 2010 was the wordy name given to the second series of Transformers Generation 1 in Japan. The line encompassed the 1986 release of G1, falling into lock-step with Hasbro’s selection for the year. The series heralded in the shift from realistic alternate modes to futuristic ones, in keeping with the precedent set in Transformers: The Movie, which, in Japan, declared the fiction to take place in 2010.

Transformers 2010 lined up with the Hasbro releases much more closely than its predecessor FSRLTF, differing on only a couple figures. Some 1985 toys became available for the first time, while others continued to be released due to their popularity. The list of Transformers omitted from 2010 was much slimmer: Sky Lynx (who was still licensed to be sold by another brand in Japan), and the Battlechargers. The only unique additions to 2010 were some gift sets not available in the US, such as Predaking, and the Good Bye Convoy and Good Bye Megatron sets.

The success of Transformers in Japan continued to grow without slowing after TF:TM, unlike Hasbro markets. The futuristic style would continue with a vengeance in Takara’s next installment, Transformers: Headmasters.


Combiners - Airbots (Superion)

Air Rider (C-54)

Firebolt (C-52)

Silverbolt (C-50)

Skydive (C-51)

Sling (C-53)

Superion (C-55)

Combiners - Animatrons (Predaking)

Dimebomb (D-75)

Headstrong (D-77)

Predaking (D-78)

Rampage (D-74)

Razorclaw (D-73)

Tantrum (D-76)

Combiners - Combatrons (Bruticus)

Blast Off (D-5)

Brawl (D-67)

Bruticus (D-69)

Onslaught (D-64)

Swindle (D-68)

Vorter (D-66)

Combiners - Protectobots (Guardian)

First Aid (C-75)

Graze (C-72)

Groove (C-74)

Guardian (C-76)

Hot Spot (C-71)

Streetwise (C-73)

Combiners - Stuntrons (Menasor)

Breakdown (D-51)

Dead End (D-54)

Drag Stripe (D-52)

Menasor (D-55)

Motormaster (D-50)

Wildrider (D-53)


Blurr (C-79)

Char (C-82)

Hot Rodimus (C-78)


Dinosaurer (D-63)

Metroflex (C-70)


Amhorn (C-66)

Eject (C-68)

Rewind (C-67)

Steeljaw (C-120)


Condor (D-60)

Frenzy (D-58)

Jaguar (D-59)

Ratbat (D-61)

Gift Sets

Good Bye Convoy

Good Bye Megatron


Dirge (97)
Mail-Away Exclusive

Ramjet (D-56)

Thrust (D-57)


Bumble (C-56)

Hubcap (C-57)

Outback (C-59)

Pipes (C-60)

Tailgate (C-61)

Wave (C-58)

Wheelie (C-80)


Cyclonus (D-70)

Galvatron (D-62)


Rodimus Convoy (C-77)

Scourge (D-71)

Ultra Magnus (C-69)

Wreck-Gar (C-81)


Broadside (C-85)

Sandstorm (C-83)

Sprung (C-84)


Octone (D-72)