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Transformers Micron Densetsu

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Gift Sets

Grap Super Mode with Spark Lift and Adventure Micron (MS-07)

Grap with Lift and Race Micron (MS-02)

Hot Rod with Jolt and Air Defense Micron (MS-01)

Ironhide with Search and Land Military Micron (MS-03)

Magna Convoy DX
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Rampage with Hawk and Air Assult Micron (MS-08)

Sandstorm with Cannon and Destruction Micron (MS-04)

Silverbolt with Turbo and Street Speed Micron (MS-05)

Thrust with Thunder and Air Military Micron (MS-06)


Jetfire with Sonar (MC-09)

Megatron Super Mode with Spark Barrel (MD-08)

Megatron with Barrel (MD-01)

Powerlinx Jetfire with Comettor
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
USA Edition

Shockwave with Sonic (MD-06)


Devastor with Dirt (MC-07)

Predacon with Skid-Z and Side Burn
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
USA Edition

Ratchet Super Mode with Spark Hook (MC-12)

Ratchet with Hook (MC-02)

Skywarp with Thunderclash
USA Edition

Starscream Super Mode with Spark Grid (MD-09)

Starscream with Grid (MD-02)

Ultra Magnus with Magnus (MC-14)

Micron Booster

Atlas (2)

Drift (6)

Green Super Mode Prime
Magazine Exclusive

Indy (8)

Jetter (4)

Mach (3)

Rod (1)

Shuttler (5)

Spin (7)

Mini-Con Teams

Adventure Micron (MM-16)

Adventure Micron X-Dimension (MM-19)

Air Assault Micron (MM-17)

Air Defense Micron (MM-02)

Air Defense Micron Anime Color

Air Defense Micron X-Dimension (MM-07)

Air Military Micron (MM-11)

Air Military Micron X-Dimension (MM-12)

Destruction Micron (MM-04)

Destruction Micron Space Galaxy Edition
JUSCO Exclusive

Destruction Micron Undergrove Edition
Store Exclusive

Destruction Micron X-Dimension (MM-09)

Destruction White Micron
Store Exclusive

Emergency Micron (MM-20)

Emergency Micron X-Dimension (MM-21)

Land Military Micron (MM-03)

Land Military Micron Night Attack Edition
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Land Military Micron Ultimate Edition
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Land Military Micron X-Dimension (MM-08)

Race Micron (MM-05)

Race Micron Road Assault Edition
Store Exclusive

Race Micron X-Dimension (MM-10)

Sea Micron (MM-15)

Sea Micron X-Dimension (MM-18)

Space Micron (MM-13)

Space Micron X-Dimension (MM-14)

Street Action Micron (MM-01)

Street Action Micron Anime Color

Street Speed Micron (MM-06)

Street Speed Micron Overdrive Edition
Store Exclusive

Super Class

Convoy Super Mode with Prime (MC-01)


Airazor with Nightscream
USA Edition

Cheetor with Cliffjumper
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
USA Edition

Crystal Convoy with Spark Surge
Magazine Exclusive

Cyber Hawk (MC-05)

Double Face with Bright and Shadow (MX-01)

Grap Super Mode with Spark Lift (MC-11)

Grap with Lift (MC-04)

Hot Rod Super Mode with Spark Jolt (MC-13)

Hot Rod with Jolt (MC-03)

Ironhide Super Mode with Spark Search (MD-10)

Ironhide with Search (MD-03)

Powerlinx Cyclonus with Crumplezone
Store Exclusive
USA Edition

Powerlinx Thrust
Toy's Dream Project
USA Edition

Rampage with Hawk (MD-07)

Rhinox with Armorhide
USA Edition
JUSCO Exclusive

Sandstorm with Cannon (MD-04)

Scourge with Sweep
Magazine Exclusive

Silverbolt with Turbo (MC-08)

STD Convoy with Surge (MC-06)

Stepper with Char (MC-10)

Terrorsaur with Ironhide
USA Edition
JUSCO Exclusive

Thrust with Thunder (MD-05)

Supreme Class

Unicron with Bug (MX-00)

Video Pack-Ins

Bilge (DVD #9)

Combusta (DVD #6)

Falcia (DVD #5)

Freeboot (DVD #8)

Impulsor (DVD #1)

Kingbolt (DVD #1)

Midship (DVD #3)

Quench (DVD #1)

Sunburn (DVD #1)

Super Stunt Micron Team (DVD #1)

Tailslide (DVD #4)

Top Gear (DVD #2)

Twirl (DVD #7)