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Transformers Robot Heroes

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Released in 2007 as part of the Movie merchandising blitz, Robot Heroes are Hasbro's adaptation of their cute figurine toylines to Transformers. Along the same theme as “Galactic Heroes” (Star Wars) and “Combat Heroes” (G.I. Joe), Robot Heroes are two-inch PVC figurines of popular Transformers characters from past and present, rendered in deformed, adorable proportions. They generally only feature articulation in the shoulders and neck, where the rubbery parts are pegged together.

Robot Heroes were typically sold in two-packs, with one heroic and one evil character of appropriate factions. Some multi-packs and battle scenes were released later on, occasionally including jumbo-sized figures or super-deformed vehicles exclusive to those sets. Long after the mainstream releases, single figures cropped up in non-US Hasbro markets in blind-packed polybag packaging, including a small bio card.

The initial releases coinciding with the first movie were primarily Generation One characters, with Movie characters in the latter waves. In 2008 the packaging was modified to mimic that of Universe 2, and the characters diversified to include Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and more Generation One characters. Characters from Robots in Disguise were planned, but cancelled. Two sets from this period only saw release in non-US Hasbro markets, but Robot Heroes wasn't done yet. It resumed in 2009 concurrent with Revenge of the Fallen. This series exclusively used ROTF and Movie characters, and featured several large battle scene sets.

Despite popularity among kids and adult fans, the series did not continue after the figures tied to the ROTF film.


G1 Series

Autobot Jazz vs. Thundercracker

Bumblebee vs. Soundwave

Grimlock vs. Shockwave

Mirage vs. Starscream

Optimus Prime vs. Ravage

Optimus Prime vs. Unicron

Rodimus vs. Insecticon

Ultra Magnus vs. Megatron

Gift Sets

Battle for the Allspark

Battle of The Fallen

Decepticon Sneak Attack
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Desert Devastation

Optimus Prime with Battle Damage and Cliffjumper
Best Buy Exclusive

Shanghai Shootout

The Final Battle 5-pack
Wal-Mart Exclusive

Movie (2007) series

AllSpark Bumblebee vs. Starscream

Armor Bumblebee vs. Starscream

Autobot Jazz vs. Frenzy

Autobot Ratchet vs. Megatron

Battle Jazz vs. Megatron

Bumblebee vs. Barricade

Ironhide vs. Bonecrusher

Ironhide vs. Dispensor

Optimus Prime vs. Barricade

Optimus Prime vs. Blackout

Optimus Prime vs. Scorponok

Protoform Jazz vs. Decepticon Brawl

Movie (ROTF) series

Autobot Ratchet vs. Barricade

Autobot Skids vs. Megatron

Autobot Springer vs. Starscream

Bumblebee vs. Long Haul

Chromia vs. Megatron

Ironhide vs. Mixmaster

Mudflap vs. Rampage

Optimus Prime vs. Blackout

Ravage vs. Jolt

Sideswipe vs. Sideways

Universe Series

Arcee vs. Decepticon Rumble

Autobot Blaster vs. Thrust

Autobot Hound vs. Blitzwing

Cheetor vs. Blackarachnia

Cheetor vs. Tankor

Ironhide vs. Kickback

Optimus Primal vs. Predacon Tarantulas

Perceptor vs. Hardshell

Rattrap vs. Megatron

Rhinox vs. Waspinator

Ricochet vs. Predaking
Europe Exclusive

Silverbot vs. Megatron

Snarl vs. Sharkticon

Sunstreaker vs. Galvatron

Tigatron vs. Inferno
Europe Exclusive