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Transformers Speed Stars

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Basic Class

Autobot Topspin (DOTM)
Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Bumblebee (DOTM)
Stealth Force

Classic Leadfoot (DOTM)
Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Battle Series 2

Enforcer Ironhide vs. Mixmaster

Jetfire vs. Megatron

Nightwatch Bumblebee vs. Patrol Barricade

Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher

Optimus Prime vs. Desert Long Haul

Sideswipe vs. Wreckloose

Deluxe Class

Big Hoss
Stealth Force

Big Hoss (DOTM)
Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Stealth Force

Megatron (DOTM)

Starscream (DOTM)
Stealth Force

Electronic Vehicles

Bumblebee (DOTM)
Stealth Force

Optimus Prime
Stealth Force

Lights and Sounds


Bumblebee (Deluxe)

Optimus Prime


Mini Changers

Bumblebee and Sentinel Prime
Stealth Force

Crumplezone vs. Bumblebee
Stealth Force

Mirage vs. Megatron
Stealth Force

Oil Pan vs. Bulkhead
Stealth Force

Optimus Prime vs. Megatron
Stealth Force

Optimus Prime vs. Starsceam
Stealth Force

Sentinel Prime and Bumblebee (Wave 2)
Stealth Force

Sideswipe and Sentinel Prime
Stealth Force

Sideswipe vs. Starscream
Stealth Force

Mini Vehicles

Autobot Topspin (DOTM - Stealth Force)

Barricade (Stunticon)

Bluestreak (Road Assault)

Bumblebee (Cyber Hunt)

Bumblebee (DOTM - Beast Machines)

Bumblebee (DOTM - Night Attack)

Bumblebee (DOTM - Stealth Force)

Bumblebee (DOTM - Trans Scan)

Bumblebee (Metal Heroes)

Bumblebee (N.E.S.T. Global Alliance)

Bumblebee (Revealer)

Bumblebee (Stunticon)

Crumplezone (DOTM - Night Attack)

Crumplezone (DOTM - Trans Scan)

Highway Patrol Barricade (Metal Heroes)

Ironhide (Metal Heroes)

Ironhide (N.E.S.T. Global Alliance)

Ironhide (Revealer)

Jetfire (Metal Heroes)

Leadfoot (DOTM - Stealth Force) (Target)

Lockdown (DOTM: Decepticons)

Lockdown (Metal Heroes)

Mirage (DOTM - Trans Scan)

Optimus Prime (Cyber Hunt)

Optimus Prime (DOTM - Beast Machines)

Optimus Prime (DOTM - Metal Heroes)

Optimus Prime (DOTM - Night Attack)

Optimus Prime (DOTM - Stealth Force)

Optimus Prime (Metal Heroes)

Optimus Prime (N.E.S.T. Global Alliance)

Sideswipe (Metal Heroes)

Sideswipe (Robot Rider)

Soundwave (Metal Heroes)

Starscream (Cyber Hunt)
Europe Exclusive
Magazine Exclusive

Starscream (Road Assault)

Motorcycle Class

Dirt Rocket
Stealth Force

High Wire
Stealth Force

Knock Out
Stealth Force


Bumblebee Track Set