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Energy Axe Black Hole Edition
Store Exclusive

Energy Axe Clear Green Edition / Energy Spear Clear Deep Blue Edition
Magazine Exclusive

Energy Axe Natural Green Edition
Store Exclusive

Energy Axe Violet Cluster Edition
JUSCO Exclusive

Energy Blade Phantom Night Edition / Energy Cutter Daylight Attack Edition
Shared Exclusive

Energy Raiden Overdrive Edition
Store Exclusive

Energy Spear Corona Flame Edition
JUSCO Exclusive

Energy Spear Rodeo Magenta Edition
Store Exclusive

Energy Spear Royal Clear Edition
Store Exclusive

Combat Class

Fire SL Grand Convoy
Magazine Exclusive

Hot Shot (SC-02)

Hotshot F (Fire) (SC-23)

Inferno (SC-03)

Inferno V (Volt) (SC-21)

Iron Tread (SD-11)

Ironhide with Search (SD-02)

Kicker (SC-14)

Nightscream (SD-01)

Nightscream R (Reverse) (SD-19)

Red Alert (SC-11)

Rodimus Convoy (SC-10)

Rodimus Convoy Black
Magazine Exclusive

Sandstorm with Cannon (SD-03)

Toy's Dream Project
USA Edition

SL Grand Convoy (SC-13)

Snowstorm (SD-10)

Storm Jet (Slugslinger)
Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
USA Edition

Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
USA Edition

Wheeljack (SC-19)

Combiners - Gift Set Only

Bruticus (SD-21)

Buildtron (EX-01)

Superion (SC-26)

Command Class

Galvatron (SD-07)

Galvatron G (General) (SD-20)

Landmine (SC-15)

Megazarak (SD-05)

Shockwave (SD-04)

Sprung (SC-20)

Ultra Magnus with Knock Out and Space Team
Toy's Dream Project
USA Edition

Energon Class

Airglide (SC-07)

Ariel (SC-16)

Ariel Paradron Type (EX-02)
Toy's Dream Project

Blastarm (SC-06)

Chrome Horn (SD-16)

Chrome Horn Forest Type (SD-18)

Cliffjumper (SC-09)

Command Jaguar (SD-06)

Command Jaguar Desert Type (SD-09)

Dinobot (SD-12)

Dinobot Magma Type (SD-17)

Energon Saber (SC-08)

Energon Strongarm
Store Exclusive
USA Edition

Shadowhawk (SD-08)

Shadowhawk Cosmo Type (SD-13)

Signal Flare (SC-12)

Gift Sets

Hotshot and Inferno (SS-01)

Roadbuster and Skyfire (SS-02)

Transformers x Microman Anniversary Set (SP-01)

Leader Class

Toys 'R' Us Exclusive
USA Edition

Grand Convoy (SC-01)

Mega Class

Laserwave (SD-14)

Overdrive (SC-18)

Roadbuster (SC-04)

Roadbuster W (Wild) (SC-24)

Shockfleet (SD-15)

Skyfire (SC-05)

Skyfire S (Sonic) (SC-25)

Wing Saber (SC-17)

Micron Booster

Beacon (6)

Blitz (6)

Brake (10)

Chrome (1)

Cluster (7)

Crunch (11)

Damper (11)

Effect (4)

Filter (12)

Groove (9)


Lens (4)

Mile (7)

Processor (2)

Quantum (5)

Rotor (8)

Saber (1)

Seeker (5)

Solar (9)

Spoil (12)

Synapse (3)

Thyristor (2)

Torque (10)

Triac (3)


Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Toys 'R' Us Exclusive

Supreme Class

Omega Supreme (SC-22)