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Transformers The Transformers Collection (Reissue)

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The Transformers Collection is a Japanese-exclusive reissue line that began in 2002. Unlike the previous G1 Reissues released by Takara, the TFC figures were released in restyled packaging, rather than mimicking the original package style. The new boxes were primarily white, shared a common cross section, and new character art. Most famously, however, the boxes had a front cover that opened like a book to reveal the toy through a window and a small booklet containing character bios and other apocrypha. This unique package style led to the fan term “Book-box Reissues’.

The selection of toys varied, but were primarily drawn from Japan’s 1985 releases. However, later in the series, the selections included a couple toys from Headmasters. Many of the toys featured modifications from their original releases, including new accessories, modified sticker sheets, or retooling. They also including new serial numbers in the order of their release, beginning with “0” for Convoy. Convoy included a large red binder that could hold the pages included in the cover of each package.

Like the earlier Japanese reissues, many of the TFC toys were accompanied by contemporary redecos released by e-HOBBY as part of Collector’s Edition. After 22 releases (the final toy numbered 21), the line ended in 2006.



Hound (14)

Inferno (08)

Lambor (07)

Meister (01)

Prowl (02)

Skids (03)

Smokescreen (05)

Tracks (04)


Broadcast with Steeljaw (21)

Soundblaster with Jaguar and Buzzsaw (18)

Soundwave with Laserbeak (10)


Insectrons (16)


Starscream (09)


Convoy (00)

Megatron (06)


Minibot Team (12)


Perceptor (19)


Future Cybertrons (20)

Hot Rodimus (13)

Stepper (15)


Astrotrain (11)

Blitzwing (17)