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Ben started collecting plastic robots at the ripe old age of two. His life mission ever since has been to accumulate as many as possible.
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The Rejected Robots #1 – Binocular Robo Scope Man

By 1984, it was clear that Takara’s long-running Microman toyline was at an end. Transformers G1 was having huge success in the United States, and Takara was gearing up to follow suit for 1985. However, a few more transforming robots were released in the Microchange sub-series. Transformers picked up almost all of these designs, as […]


Brick Label brings transforming Lego Masterbrick Metalhide to Market

Move over, Kre-O! Brick Label is bringing our favorite robots to life in Lego®. MOC (Lego fan terminology for “My Own Creation”) creator “alanyuppie” has teamed up with “JK” to bring some of Alan’s beautiful and elegant transforming designs to a marketable stage. Their name is Brick Label, and the product is Masterbrick Metalhide. Transformerland […]

Secrets from Diaclone unearthed: Ratchet and Ironhide hidden gun post storage

The Ironhide/Ratchet mold has always been one of the stranger Autobot Cars. For one, it’s not an exotic or sporty car, and for two, his robot mode is… not standard. Aside from all this, though, it’s the only Autobot Car design that can store robot mode accessories. The large circular socket in Ironhide/Ratchet’s belt buckle […]