Welcome to the Feedback Section

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Welcome to the Feedback Section

Post by Ultra Magnus »

Welcome to the Feedback forum for Transformerland.

This is where you voice any software related concerns for this site, ask questions about the store or the archives, and talk about how any transactions between you and the TFL store went.

If you have questions about how to use the TFL forums as a whole, please first consult the lovely phpbb FAQ. If your answer is not found there, please use the search feature, to see is your question has been asked before. If all else fails, proceed to ask in a new thread.

This section is not for the following:
"<Insert forum member name here> is being mean to me."
"<Insert forum moderator name here> won't let me post about ballet shoes in Toy Talk."
"I had a trade with <insert party other than TFL store's name here> and he never shipped his half."

Those examples are all handled through PM's to administrators.

We want to hear from you, and want to know your needs to make TFL a better experience for everyone. Let us hear you.

If you have any questions regarding this section, and how it is used, please feel free to PM any moderator or Administrator.


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Re: Welcome to the Feedback Section

Post by jefparis1973 »


I am a little bit lost so I have post this message in two different topics.

I wish to know if Matt is fine as I have been trying to contact him since last Friday. I have sent to him money through Western Union as a payment for several figures and he has also to send me back a parcel which has been returned to him.
I am concerned because I do not know how many time the money will be available for retrieving.
So, please let him know about the situation.

Thank you and kind regards.
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