Non-Spoiler Review of Transformers 4 Movie

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Non-Spoiler Review of Transformers 4 Movie

Post by SentinelPrime »

Just saw Transformers 4 movie today. It was a great way to celebrate my 51st birthday today!

Now for the review:

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this movie to both non-transformers fans and hardcore fans! In my opinion this movie is the best of all the previous ones. Lockdown is a great character in this movie as a bounty hunter. Optimus Prime is awesome as always. He is a more angry Prime, but rightly so, you will see why when you watch it. I really liked Hound, and John Goodman did a great job voicing him. Drift was a surprising good character. Some critics said they did not like his face, I thought it worked well. The Dinobots worked out great in the movie. How Prime got Grimlock to be submissive similar to a G1 transformers episode. Thought that was a great homage touch. The other Dinobots just stood around to see who would dominate.

The CGI in this entire movie is awesome! The human-created Transformers, the way they transform is really cool! Loved Megatron/Galvatron truck mode is great! I got the Galvatron figure today for my collection. As for the human characters: Loved Mark Walberg! Thought he is much better than Shio LaBeouf, in my opinion. Daughter was not only a MAJOR BABE, but a decent actress. The humor in this movie was much better than in previous movies. The human villians: Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci and Titus Welliver were all good too. Overall, you will like the action scenes in this movie. Bay slowed down some of the fighting scenes between the transformers where your eyeballs can keep up and not explode like in the other movies.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars! Plan to see it a couple of more times. Sure I will see things I did not see the first time.
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Re: Non-Spoiler Review of Transformers 4 Movie

Post by trance »

I agree, I thought the first half of the movie dragged a bit, and it seemed like just another derivative Transformers movie, but it won me over by the end. The first thought I had coming out was wow, Lockdown was a are they gonna make a toy that does the character justice? MP Lockdown?
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