Help! My son desperately wants these!

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Help! My son desperately wants these!

Post by strandedin1983 »

I had these amazing transformers circa 1983 which sadly went the way of many toys. After looking through my childhood photo albums recently my son, now about the age I was when I had these stopped and drooled incessantly. "Daddy! I want these!"

Now the years have not been kind and I don't even remember the name or where we bought them. I know they formed a larger robot (pictured) then came apart in to a number of separate smaller transformers and there were missles that fired, etc.

Apologies for the early 80's photo quality, but any guidance as to where to start looking would make a 5 year old a very happy boy indeed.

Thank you!
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Re: Help! My son desperately wants these!

Post by Ultra Magnus »

First, hello and welcome!

My mind instantly went to this:

which took me here:

What you had was Combattler V (or Combatra). Either that, or a reasonable knock off.

Any search for Shogun Warriors will bring up many similar models.

I hope that narrows down your search enough.
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